Anti-Trump Protest in Little Saigon

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“Hundreds of People rallied in Little Saigon, Orange County on Saturday to defend the large 300,000 Vietnamese-American community that reside in City’s like Santa Ana, Westminster and Garden Grove against the Trump Administrations efforts to deport refugees of the Vietnam War, specifically those who have been convicted. The action was organized by Asians and Pacific Islanders Reentry or Orange County (APIROC), VietUnity SoCal, VietRISE, Vietn Rainbow of Orange County (VROC), Common Ground OC. With the support of a diverse crowd; three generations of Vietnamese-Americans, Hispanics, LGBTQ, Muslims, White allies and many other immigrants and refugees they marched around Westminster raising awareness of the growing concern of deportation that effects many of Orange County’s community members. Activist urged the participants to call your representatives and pressure the administration to stop this policy as well as sign a petition (  that demands the U.S. does not change the repatriation agreement against between US and Vietnam.”

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