Slide Show: Gnarmageddon II at the Observatory

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We tried to warn you that things would get grimy inside Gnarmageddon II, the epic sequel to one of OC's most ambitiously DIY punk/ hardcore fests. Many of you didn't listen, which is why you'll probably find yourself in our latest slideshow being stomped and sweated on by a cavalcade of savage bands like Negative Approach, Stalag 13, Knife Fight and Trench Rot–and many more acts with equally terrifying names. The near-capacity crowd at the Observatory in Santa Ana last Saturday wasn't there to mess around. Only one year after Gnarmageddon creators Jason Schwartz (of OC punk act Media Blitz) and Brad Greenberg turned their pothead pipe dream into an actual hardcore happening, it seems that there's no turning back. Things are only going to get gnarlier. Our photographer Chad Sengstock was there to catch all of the brutal highlights and beatdowns.

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