Slaves Against The Machine

Seminal '90s band Rage Against the Machine were truly influential for their time, bringing an original set of leftist, revolutionary views that criticized corporate America and oppressive governmental structures through a fiery conglomeration of rap, punk, hip hop, and hardcore music not matched before or since. The group have since disbanded and reunited a few times for major concert festivals with little assurance that a full reunion will ever happen. Enter premier RATM tribute group Slaves Against The Machine, whose lead singer Michael Tadeo accomplishes the impossible and fully emulates the fiery stage presence of Rage singer Zach De La Rocha, while guitarist Masa Inga serves as frenetic analog to Rage's guitar master Tom Morello. Original Rage fans should flock to see this impressive LA act, ideally more times than once, as they kick off a savage performance best experienced live.

Fri., June 12, 8 p.m., 2015

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