Slapfish Is Opening Three More SoCal Locations (One's in Brea!)

When the world is over, and people ask what food came out of Orange County, the answer will be ice cream donuts, waffle sandwiches, and Slapfish. But until then, Orange County is getting another one of the restaurants as part of a three-restaurant SoCal franchise deal.


Brea will be getting it's Slapfish NEXT MONTH at Village at La Floresta, a new shopping center/experience/thing set to be open soon. If they handle construction right, they might actually be open before the UCI location. Doug Pham, the franchisee in charge of the Brea restaurant, will open two additional locations, though where exactly has yet to be revealed.

With the SoCal locations, the airport locations, the supposed 75(!) in Dubai, and more restaurants coming soon to Chicago, Austin and Portland, that sustainable seafood-ful future just keeps getting closer and closer.

But hey, they deserve it.

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