Slapfish Is Bringing Its Oozefest Winner to the Specials Menu

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! Remember those fried cheese balls from Slapfish that I love so much / won Oozfest's first place prize last weekend? Well, you can finally eat them. This month, OC Sustainable Seafood Chef Supreme Andrew Gruel is bringing the ooey-gooey little beignets of joy to his Huntington Beach location.


The beignets will be available from October 19 all the way to October 31.

If you've already forgotten what I wrote about them Monday, here you go:

Don't be fooled by the name; the little fried orbs of shellfish are lighter and airier than the beignets you may know from Disneyland. They're more like a tempura — crisp, delicate, and lean on the oil — enveloping a scoop of mixed lobster and mascarpone cheese. After a quick bath in the fryer, the battered balls came out steaming, the mascarpone perfectly gooey with a mellow richness, perfect to complement the lobster, which was the star of the dish.

And here's something Andrew said about them:

“The Lobster Mascarpone Beignet was created for Foodbeast's inaugural Oozefest event, which took place earlier this month,” explained Chef Andrew. “Little did we know that the beignet would be such a tremendous hit and earn Slapfish a first place trophy at the event! We're thanking everyone who voted for us – and everyone who was not able to partake – with the opportunity to enjoy the Lobster Mascarpone Beignet for the last two weeks of this month in conjunction with National Seafood Month.”

If you can make it, I can't recommend them any more highly. Legitimately one of the best things I've eaten this year.

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