Skapeche Mode

Depeche Mode, the band that brought ultra-popular new wave jams like “Just Can't Get Enough” “Personal Jesus” and “People Are People” in the eighties was probably due for a tribute group at some point, but who expected a ska incarnation? Well, Skapeche Mode exists, for the benefit of the band's true fans as well as for fans of ska music, and features a sweet lineup of talented musicians from the ska scene, including Save Ferris members Brian Mashburn and Tbone Willy. Switching from synthesizers to guitars and a horn section, Skapeche Mode twists the original songs for a truly unique homage to experience live. And as the band's energetic live show electrifies the stage, it's certain you won't be able to get enough, either.

Fri., July 24, 8 p.m., 2015

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