Ska Band The Skeletones Are Not Too Old To Out-Skank You

During the 1990s, the Skeletones used to play every friggin' show from the Inland Empire to Orange County. After search the Internet, you might assume that the 10-piece ska group from Riverside still maintains a busy schedule.But look closer and you'll notice that a few newer bands have also taken the moniker since the original band's heyday. A Google search for “the Skeletones” comes up with three acts — the Riverside band and two others from Michigan and England.

These days, the original Skeletones — Jonas Cabrera, Paul Hampton, Mark Cummings, Chris Miles, Kip Wirtzfeld, Rick Bonin, Woody Diaz, Bob Alvarado, John Alvarado and Jared Palazzolo — perform between 12-24 times a year, which is still a lot considering the group has been around for approximately two decades. That said, don't think frontman Jonas Cabrera has gotten too old to rock a stage because he says he will “out-skank anybody who dares to try” to beat him in a dance-off.

The Skeletones play Saturday as part of Long Beach Sound Society's fourth annual “We Are The Mods Celebration” at Madhaus. The event includes performances by Suedehead and the Savoys and features an array of DJs, food trucks and a horseshoe pit. With so much mod in one area, let's hope Cabrera has a new pair of dancing shoes cuz he's gonna need them.


OC Weekly (Ryan Ritchie): From a financial standpoint, would you recommend being in a nine-piece band?

Jonas Cabrera: Whatever works, I say go for it. Money should not be the priority in music.

It's been three years since your last record, right? If so, are you writing new songs?

It's been six years since the last full album. I'm working on getting a new CD out there for the fans. We have enough new music, that's for sure! We are always writing new music

Having been around for so long, what are your sets like? Mostly newer songs or do you cover all your records?

We cover all albums plus new songs. is selling Bump for $48.72. Does that mean it's almost five times better than your average CD?

Bump, hands down, is our best album to date.

Speaking of Bump, who is the girl on the cover and does she like nerdy white guys in glasses?

Random chick — good luck finding her!


Speaking of, a user review of Dr. Bones writes, “This is NOT band wagon/poser ska.” How much did you pay that kid to write that?

We are not a pop ska act at all. However, some of our songs were big hits on commercial radio and continue to be used for movies, commercials and TV shows.

Because you are a singer and we all know singers know how to party, will you not go to bed the previous night and go straight from Friday's party to the stage?

I know about the rock star lifestyle. I will be going to bed the night before the gig because a singer needs his voice rest.

Because you are playing an event called “We Are the Mods,” I gotta know…why are mod girls so damn cute?

The school girl look of a Mod girl is always gonna be super cute/sexy unless she's super heavy or has a butter face.

Rumor has it that this event will feature a horseshoe pit. So, can you throw shoes or what?

Yes. I have a horseshoe game at my house.

What's with all these other bands calling themselves the Skeletones out there?

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

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  1. It’s great to see you all still interested in providing our community in Riverside California Ska Music. Because of Jonas the front man. I would of never figured out how much fun SKA Music really is dope. Great to hear their still playing good music.
    Your friend Michael Ryan Spinelli

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