SJC Councilwoman Quotes “QAnon” in Bizarre Farewell Speech

We needed a new Pammy pic! YouTube Screenshot

Former San Juan Capistrano city councilwoman Pam Patterson wasted no time in showing herself to be no stranger to controversy during a single, four-year term. In Sept. 2015, she gave an invocation at the start of a council meeting that urged residents to watch online videos of tendentious right-wing Messianic Jewish rabbi Jonathan Cahn while railing against abortion. This year, Patterson championed a myth-ridden resolution against California’s “Sanctuary State” law that earned her a White House visit with President Donald Trump.

After losing reelection, Patterson saved her strangest bit for last when invoking the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory during her farewell speech at Monday’s council meeting.

For those not following all the bat shit loco online, QAnon goes something like this: Last October, an anonymous user on 4Chan named “Q” claimed to have top security clearance in the government and seeded the conspiracy that special counsel Robert Mueller and Trump are actually secretly working in tandem. You see, the Russia probe is a mere ruse for the real swamp draining work happening behind the scenes against corrupt politicians and Hollywood pedophiles.

By summer, QAnon signs started appearing at Trump rallies and high-profile personas like fired TV star Roseanne Barr promoted the conspiracy theory in tweets. And then Q came to San Juan Capistrano.

Patterson’s speech started normal enough. She recalled residents she honored during her appointed tenure as mayor including Roy Byrnes who served on council in the 1970’s before returning for a final council term in 2012. But then, Patterson abruptly invoked the mysterious Q after all the reminiscing and recited an abridged version of Q’s recent November dropping #2436:

For far too long we have been silent and allowed our bands of strength, that we once formed to defend FREEDOM and LIBERTY, to deteriorate. We became divided. We became weak. We elected TRAITORS to govern us. We allowed EVIL to prey on us. Those who claimed to represent us gave us false hope, made false promises. The evil and corruption only grew. WE MUST RISE AGAIN. WE MUST UNITE AGAIN. WE MUST FIGHT AGAIN. FOR GOD & COUNTRY.

Given the communiqué’s caps lock crescendo, Patterson surprisingly delivered the Q quote with all the stirring of a snore, even when sounding the QAnon slogan “Where we go one, we go all.” But it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. The Weekly outed Patterson as a QAnon-lover when spotted at the lobby of the Orange County Registrar of Voters last month. That’s where she took the opportunity to show two young Republicans a Q conspiracy theory explanation video while bragging about meeting Trump.

At council, Patterson tried to bring the Q-flavored message home. “Corruption starts at the local level and we, the patriot residents of San Juan Capistrano, must rise again,” she said. “I am sounding the call for the patriot residents to come together and protect our community. God bless America. God bless Q and God bless San Juan Capistrano.”

Perhaps not knowing what the hell just happened, the audience gave Patterson’s send-off a polite applause. But San Juan Capistrano city council got a little less loco after the speech when new council members arrived to take their oath of office.

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  1. As strange as Pam’s speech sounds by reading about it, seeing it live was infinitely more crazy. In a twisted sort of way, I think I’ll miss having Pam on the dais. Our Council meetings will be a lot more boring without Pam (and Kerry Ferguson) up there, but the meetings will be one hell of a lot more efficient. Congrats to Derek Reeve for his re-election and to Troy Bourne and John Taylor for winning in their districts.

    1. Those who discount Qanon know nothing about Qanon… when you offer an opinion to something you have zero knowledge of you confirm yourself as being a fool.

  2. After 4 years of “Bat Shit Loco” Pam nobody is sad to see her go. This is just one example of the idiocy San Juan Capistrano was subjected to during the last 4 years. It’s interesting she says ” We elected TRAITORS to govern us.” She was a traitor to the City of San Juan Capistrano & all the people. Monday night was the happiest Council meeting I’ve attended in the last 4 years. The Council chamber was packed with people who were overjoyed to see her & Kerry Ferguson leave the Council. I’m looking forward to a return of civility & sanity to Council meetings in Capo. After 4 years of petty bickering & demeaning remarks from the dais to her opponents her shameful behavior is over. God Bless America & God Bless the city & people of San Juan Capistrano!! Fade into oblivion Pam Patterson, we won’t miss you!!

  3. The author has failed to explain why the Qanon theory is “bat shit loco.” Oh well, I guess I am now forced to accept the authors assessment of the theory without any other empirical evidence to guide me.

      1. *an

        Do you grok the irony of some anonymous incel, such as yourself, repeating a mindless meme, created by someone else which accuses others of mindlessly repeating memes?

        Stop huffing paint, Chuckles

      2. Why would so much attention and so many articles and broadcasts exist trying to disprove him? All of this for a….larp? That is not logical.

      1. Yes, Q is real! If you study the Q posts & listen to various Anons, such as Patriot Soapbox, you will come to understand that Q is absolutely real! He/she/they are NOT some cult & you will understand clearly why not.

        1. YOU ARE EDUCATED in what’s occurring as we speak. Many, many blind prior to Obamas election…still blind. There are none as blind as those who REFUSE To see.

    1. The bat-sh!t “theory” has been repeatedly, exhaustively proven false. You can make up the truth all you want, but you cannot make up indisputable facts. Wake up.

    2. Demanding evidence to refute a theory that itself has no evidence is a logical fallacy. While I agree that the assessment as “bat shit loco” is heavily
      Opinion driven (could have said “unsubtantiated” for example), your belief that demanding evidence to disprove a theory that itself has no evidence is part of how our ability to debate has totally deteriorated.

    3. Perhaps it’s the fact that you believe an insider operative at the White House is using an anonymous image/messaging board more famous for hosting pornography of various flavors to “secretly” communicate to a bunch of nobodies in messages so cryptic that this alleged entity’s enemies can’t somehow read them, too, and react accordingly. This is especially insane if said enemies (as you’ll likely claim) know what Q is talking about.

      Further, your ilk blithely accept the phrase “disinformation is necessary” as a free pass to everything Q gets wrong. It’s your version of “God works in mysterious ways” when the prophecies don’t come true.

      And let’s not forget one of Q’s earliest “predictions” was the arrest of Hillary Clinton. I’m sure you have some kind of mental work-around that involves a body double, it happening in secret, it being a code for a date that was for really reals in the future, etc.

      That’s why Qanon and its cult is bat shit loco.

  4. Reading your communist-agenda filled article, it becomes quickly apparent that you have absolutely no clue as to the reality of current events in our beloved country. While you are at the grocery store, I recommend you pick up a family sized bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s original BBQ sauce: it will vastly improve the taste of all the crow you are about to consume.

    1. Amen Amen!! My sentiments exactly !! This is just another biased anti-Trump fake news spin..don’t know what you are talking about or what is really going on out there !!
      I can’t wait for exposure time when the news WILL HAVE TO REPORT THE TRUTH !!

    2. I agree with Charlie. The writer is quick to scoff and mock. We will see who gets the last augh, and who is really “loco”. Pam is probably the sanest person in town.

      1. You guys are funny- basically you are very light on specifics but real heavy on scaring uninformed people. A few of us who’ve lived thru the 60s, 70s and 80s recognize your right wing paranoid b.s. as just what got us into the Vietnam war, FBI surveillance of John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Watergate and more. Government ‘by the people’ requires us to act with intelligence and good judgement, which is exactly why you guys should crawl back to the foul place from which you’ve recently emerged…
        kudos to the writer of the article!

  5. Please tell me what evidence you have that q-anon doesn’t exist, you’re just a typical left-wing fucking moron, that believes whatever the mainstream media tells you to believe. Qis real, real, Mass arrests are coming, military tribunals, convictions, and then Mass executions motherfuker

    1. Um, the fact that the midterm election came and went and only Trump & co members are going to jail and working with law enforcement. Obama and Hillary are not sweating going to jail at this time.

      But sure, any day now..

    2. Keep anger strokin’ to fear porn . Don’t forget to donate to some unemployed youtuber “truther” patreons.

    3. Interesting that you have to prove something doesn’t exist, in order to debunk some batshit crazy.

      OK, then, prove that Trump didn’t have a peefest in Russia with cucumber dildos, underage Slovenian boys, and yer mum.


    4. Q is a prank, designed to separate the crazy, credulous idiots from their money. Q-cultists are losing friends and family, as well as their sanity to the most transparent bit of stupidity I have ever seen. It’s ironic that they say Q and Donnie Dollhands are going after pedophiles, since Donnie Dollhands is accused of raping a 13 year old.

    5. The FBI should look you up you psychotic fuck. Seems like you delight in the idea of the mass murder of half the country. Fuck you you bag of traitorous shit. Go ahead and try your mass arrests. See how fast I skull fuck your jack booted ass cock sucker.

  6. Why do you call yourself a journalist if your writing is so biased? Isn’t fair, unbiased and accurate what you should strive for? Interesting editorial piece.

    1. I’m thankful that for once I see the ability to comment on a q article. there guys never let us post or respond to their bs! Q is as legit as it gets bruh. look for yourself. I would really hate be on the wrong side of this battle.. at least we can easily point out to everyone which “journalists” are not really journalist at all. shame on you author, you sold out ! you failed. I see way more q folks commenting than the bots your boss employees. we told you to wake up. you folks really are stupid. #wwg1wga. #gameover #theyreallyworshipsatan

  7. Yeah, bat shit crazy. Sounds like your scared. Ask someone about who what Q is. Its readily available online. Dont fall for the left propaganda opposing Qanon. They fear you may just find out they arw lying to you. Like Mr Ramon here.

      1. Gabriel your ignorance is only surpassed by your arrogance. If you were a real journalist you would investigate this or any other conspiracy you happen upon. If you want to be a spin doctor a shill you actually have to know what both sides are. You’re not going to do well in your chosen profession, advocacy based journalism, if you sound so arrogantly biased.

  8. The only reason the audience does not know how fully involved the Greatest President in my lifetime is in this fight is the “journalists” like you are too gutless to ask him, the President, directly if Q is real or “conspiracy”! He has the guts to answer and the answer would win over millions more to the MOVEMENT! Scared of the truth you are.

    1. Are people like you really this ignorant? Trump dodges even the most basic questions all the time. Dude’s a fraud and so is this QAnon bullshit. Please rejoin reality when you’re ready.

  9. Q is real. There are people who like sheep simply follow the fake news media due to years of brain washing. To them I feel sorry as they have lost the ability to apply common sense and 360 degree sight. But it’s ok as minds are being unlocked all around the world. Wwg1wga

  10. I’m with her and I like your article because what she believes is true! The true American Patriots are God fearing people that love America and are just beginning to stand against the evil that has been trying to destroy this great country of ours! You should get on board we would love to have you believe the “reality” that is coming to Light… Thanks for the article!

    1. And yet you voted for the man who has ripped off workers, has 5 kids from 3 different wives (and has never been faithful to any) lied more than any POTUS in history, belittled POWs & Gold Star families and never once admitted praying to God or asking forgiveness.

      Watch how much God protects this man and his family in the coming months……

  11. I’m with her and I like your article because what she believes is true! The true American Patriots are God fearing people that love America and are just beginning to stand against the evil that has been trying to destroy this great country of ours! You should get on board we would love to have you believe the “reality” that is coming to Light… Thanks for the article! WWG1WGA God bless America……………………
    God bless Q

  12. If Qanon is so bat shit crazy why is social media in such a panic to censor it?
    Why has it been designated the most hated entity after President Trump? Why are they so afraid of Q and the truth? Millions of followers world wide. The storm is here. Qproofs prove Q is not a LARP. Wake up people.

  13. Q is real. Oh ok yeah right. Mueller and Trump are working in concert to bust the huge Hollywood pedo ring. Right. And the whole Russia to thing is a ruse, right cause they need to create some sort of smoke screen so that no one catches on to what they are really doing. Oh I see it’s all making sense now. Hmm. That shit is bat fucking shit fucking crazy for real , for real.

  14. Interesting that Air Force 1 call sign the other day was Q0 or Q+ which is the presidential “Q” name. They bad guys are not who you think they are. Look at all of the Presodents EOs on child/human sex trafficking…Look at the sudden surge in Child sex scandals. They are cutting off all the child trafficking lanes. Search Cardinal Pell. Project Koala and Project hammer. All fights the President is knee deep in. You guys shit on him while he and is team are out there saving children. you’re lost in the sauce. Look up Q yourself. don’t take my or anyone elses word for it.


  15. You are part of the crowd that Q I’d referring to when he says “These people are stupid”. Quite frankly, we don’t care if you bash Q. Why’s that, you ask? Because. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

  16. Qanon isnt a conspiracy theory. It is a real movement of people waking up to government corruption…and the media doesn’t like that. They want to control the narrative

  17. It’s embarrassing when the revolution arrives and you find yourself dancing around in the Versaille in your bathrobe. wwg1wga

    1. Molly
      It is not embarressing to suffer mental health issues.
      Turn off the computer
      Seek help, md, clergy, family
      It will be alright

      I know you are angry and want to see all the leftist anti-patriots and baby eaters ‘get theirs’ but you anger, envy and delusion is harmful to your spirit

  18. So Gabriel, are you willing to publish a positive article on the validity of Q if it turns out to be true? How and why it worked and was so effective? Or is this just another way to bash people who support President Trump?

  19. Funny how without any research, liberal writer assumes he knows about Q. Problem is everything he said is wrong. Q is not a person, it’s a collective and a sign post. The disinformation is to shed the shills. All Q does is tell people where to look. Like saying last February that Huber was secretly working on investigations into crooked doj and guess what? It’s now out that HUBER IS WORKING ON INVESTIGATIONS of Clinton/Obama/DOJ/FBI/Foundation. But this writer won’t acknowledge it either. Ask yourself, “why doesn’t this guy or any Brain Streamed Media ask Trump/Pence/Sanders “who is Q” or “is Q real”? Think about it, all they do is push a narrative but never ask the question. First page mission statement “we do not advocate nor condone violence, anyone who does will be removed from boards”. Q is a collective that only points towards the truth and asks that you decide for yourself…’s like these writers are trying to tell you “don’t listen, the world is flat, cuz we say it is”….don’t be sheep, be informed.

  20. The fact you are employed to practice “journalism” is an absolute joke, as is your article. How about instead of cramming propaganda adjectives in front of each person or subject you write about, you do real journalism and report facts? You could even try reading the 2500+ posts yourself instead of relying on hearsay and propaganda to attempt to smear the subject for your readers. We’ve read them ourselves, though. We don’t need you or CNN or any other propaganda outlet to brainwash us any longer.

  21. Holy carp! Look at all the brainwashed cult nutters in here spewing Q slogans and all saying basically the same thing, like they were trained to. You people are fricking deluded. I mean, you’re scary-stupid, absolutely full of horse manure, and completely bonkers. You should be in mental hospitals, the lot of you.

  22. Anyone with half brain and the ability to think for themselves can see Q is for real.

    No matter how many brainless, spineless, npc “journalists” try to discourage people from believing it….it will only grow in popularity.

    People are waking up and theres nothing you pathetic weasles can do about.

    The sleeping giant is waking up and your overlords are f*cked.

  23. Since when is seeking the truth “bat shit crazy”? Afraid to face the truth, are you? Silly boy, go back to your playpen. We adults who have lived decades longer than you & seen the mess our world has developed into can handle this without you. Just don’t expect us to wipe your nose for you when you start crying about how unfair it is that your handlers lied to you.

  24. Hmmm… at 11:46 am, “Judy“ posts:

    I’m with her and I like your article because what she believes is true! The true American Patriots are God fearing people that love America and are just beginning to stand against the evil that has been trying to destroy this great country of ours! You should get on board we would love to have you believe the “reality” that is coming to Light… Thanks for the article!

    Then at 11:55 am, “Believe in Q” posts:

    I’m with her and I like your article because what she believes is true! The true American Patriots are God fearing people that love America and are just beginning to stand against the evil that has been trying to destroy this great country of ours! You should get on board we would love to have you believe the “reality” that is coming to Light… Thanks for the article! WWG1WGA God bless America……………………
    God bless Q

    I smell bots. Most likely Russian bots.

  25. Nice article… Well not really… Sad how many people blindly follow the news and articles like this… We won’t be able to reach them all but we’ll try.. Q has the establishment shitting in their pants, for good reason. TREASON.. Lots of it. How about you do some research and tell the truth instead of following your boss’ direction on a hit peice. Where we go one, we go all… Because we are all Q. Let that be known and understood… We are all Q. For truth, For God, For our country. God bless America.

  26. I don’t live anywhere near California.. thank God, although I once did. Seems to be a third world shithole with the elites lording over the peasants. You lost a good woman! And we are Anonymous, expect us!

  27. So, to the Q converts, apparently the Storm didn’t happen Dec 5,. no mass arrests,. no riots, no charges of treason for HRC or Obama. Huh. At least 10 deadlines have passed, no “Documents”, and I haven’t seen the video of HRC ripping off a child’s face.. .still waiting for ANY hard proof that any of you are anything but delusional naive scared extremists. Fear rules your lives, and if you weren’t so arrogant and superior over us not “woke” (your English stinks) folk, I’d feel sorry for you. But you are converts to a sick cult, so excuse me while I keel over laughing hysterically…you have been bamboozled…what a pack of puerile, gullible rubes. I got a FEMA Camp for sale if you’re interested

  28. 3 different points. For God & Country is a slogan used by the Army& others for years, as is wwg1wga. The Q movement has just made them relevant again.
    Our author, Mr.Roman’s bio dubs himself as tallest Mexican in OC. That right there reflects mindset&other issues. He is not the tallest American or Mexican-American& it would be interesting to know, does he intend to ever be American? Or does he wish to present himself as always the snarky non citizen? We have enough of those in our political discourse as is on both sides of the aisle.

    Last item, Q had a scavenger hunt this morning w/all the clues(items) popping up in a Trump Tower ad. In terms of a cult of personality, someone is playing with fire,& if certain parties in govt.keep abusing the common citizens, So-Cal will put Paris to shame esp; w/all the criminal elements looking for cover to loot&worse. O.C. Weekly can do better,& Moxley would have written a much better piece.

    Take care,because wwg1wga is true no matter what fad claims it.

    1. Who’s Mr. Roman?

      You’re reading way too much into my tag line!

      What it means is if I see you, I’ll say “Q-vo!”

      Now decode that!

      Where we go Juan, We go all! WWGJWGA!

  29. This is, indeed, some shit. Is real life not batshit crazy enough right now that you all follow a letter of the fkin alphabet like some sort of prophet? Man, you guys are going to be super embarrassed once day. JFC ?‍♀

  30. We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Qanons are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.

  31. Her speech is NOT bizarre at all to those who are “awake”! I feel sorry for those who deny it, call it strange or “conspiracy theory” etc. You’re asleep, brain dead or a Zombie! WWG1WGA!

  32. Not sure what’s happened to journalism since I received my degree, but any piece that cites only one source uses the term “bat shit loco” should be clearly labeled as an opinion piece. No wonder people are so confused these days. They think they’re reading actual news stories. These opinion pieces are showing up under the term “news stories,” which may not be the writer’s fault, but he should be concerned as well. I read a similar opinion piece about hospitals acting unethically and performing procedures on patients without consent for training purposes. The story circulated on FB and people were outraged. No one even realized that the “author” did not cite one source including the so-called third party source who claimed the atrocities were happening. It is ridiculous and frankly… dangerous.

  33. If the author of this rubbish knew how many more people believed and trusted Q than trust his moronic weekly paper, he’d go running to his boyfriend in shame.

  34. Some people see
    Some are shown then see
    Some people will never see either by choice or ignorance which of course is still a choice.

  35. How many of you Q believers consider yourselves Targeted Individuals too? Get help. Seriously. You’ve invested way too much and when nothing comes of it, you’ll spiral into depression. Get help. Get out of your basement. Leave the message boards, hug your kids, find another hobby.

  36. Sounds like a smart woman. SJC should have kept her. They must have had too many votes from Multiple Voters, Dead people and Illegals.

  37. 99% of these people who write by poorly written opinion pieces disguised as fact on Q and constantly bash Trump are either:

    1) pedophiles or have committed serious crimes
    2) shitty reporters
    3) paid off
    4) have serious financial interests the MAGA agenda will compromise

    Are you part of the 1% Mr Román?


    1. Who’s Mr. Roman?

      Why yes: After this comment, I’m going to do a triple lindy into my secret pool of cash!

  38. Qanon has been proven to be FALSE. Just like Jade Helm, Pizzagate, FEMA camps, and frogs turning gay. This woman is a joke. A pathetic joke.

  39. Q is not real (there are a few now)
    None hold security clearances, never have
    None work in government
    The Bureau knows who they are but can’t comment since no crime has been committed yet, but they were researched due to veiled incitement to violence.

    Let’s get to basics to illustrate the character of the true ‘believers’
    -all powerful liberals are in a pedo gang
    -HRC has murdered kids, drinks their blood and wears their faces as masks
    -US Marines are going to conduct raids on US soil to arrest 20 to 60 thousand people for secret trials in Gitmo. They have already raided the CIA.
    -McCain was tried and executed
    -GHB was killed in order to interfere with ‘D5’

    Those who believe are to be helped and pitied. Such a dark perverted belief set will lead to mental health issues (both cause and symptom) and lead one away from the light, the truth and happiness.

  40. The sole function of Q is a mind diversion op. Shore up the base, distract them from reality with convoluted wacky videos and word puzzles…and to make $$$. People are lonely, desperate and want to be an ‘insider’ on save the world mission, a silent ‘hero’.

    Do not believe ANYTHING from the MSM

    Only believe trump

    Or Q’s decoding of secret messages FROM trump

  41. Other people think it’s bat**** crazy that you blindly follow liberalism, the Clintons & Obama crime families. One thing is definite, your reporting is RUDE and arrogant… you’re not all knowing… take a red pill and see what we see. ??‍♀️

  42. I’m guessing those who trash talk Q have not researched or even read any of the 2600+ Q posts… anyone who offers an opinion about Q without any knowledge except what they have been MSM fed is simply a fool… enjoy the show… WWG1WGA

    1. OK secret squirrel lol
      The Storm is gonna git us!!!

      I have looked at his ‘drops’, they are very similar to the stuff that ‘drops’ out of my pooches rear.. I’ve looked at the decoding videos. They are so open ended, convoluted and vague that they can always be distorted as true.

      People have holes in their lifes/souls: some fill with faith, some booze, some Q, etc.
      This is similar to Heavans Gate or Jonestown, very cultish. You Q’ers delude yourselfs into ‘seeing’ the truth that 99% of the population are blind to. Yu need deprogrammed.

      Full batshyte crazy: HRC does not eat babies. Mueller is not a trump plant, he wil be the end to trumps reign of insanity.

      I like it that the loons are preoccupied with Q, keeps them out of the real world and irrelevant: locked up in a mental prison.

  43. Every single person who “believes in Q”, or thinks HRC is some kind of nefarious criminal, or voted for Donad Trimp- is stupid. It’s as simple as that: stupidity defines this section of society. You want desperately to be seen as “in the know”, or “with it”; but you’re just stupid, so you bought into the stupidest candidate and the stupidest ‘theory’.

    1. Bingo
      These Q’ers need to look up Dunning-Kruger:

      In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority comes from the inability of low-ability people to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their actual competence or incompetence.

      Condensed version:
      The stupid can not recognize they are stupid

  44. As noted Q has no security clearance.
    The Q clearance would not give him access to trump anyways. To get arms length proximity clearance with a firearm is not easy. There is no secret cabal of trump insiders.

    Q clearance (DOE, DOL has a version too) is given to nuclear weapon designers (physicists, engineers, etc)
    Sandis NL
    Oak Ridge
    Los Alamos
    The holder is monitored continuously and closely. They only have access to info they need to do their job (compartmentalized).
    They would not have access to DOJ (including FBI) or Executive branch classified info. And would be caught quickly if they were disseminating classified material. You can’t hide on the internet. Our security agencies actually watched and recorded the GRU cyber unit IN THEIR HQs!

    I know people are gullible and seeking purpose to fill holes in their lifes, but come on.

  45. This article is what I call smug trolling and it’s a new way that leftists can display their moral and intellectual superiority, or that’s what they think. The reality is much different. Looking from my side, a big supporter of Trump , I see an embittered and powerless yapster insulting those passing by – much like a drunk homeless person next to a dumpster fire rails at the world.

    Clinging to concepts that worked in the old paradigm, simply marks people as rentseekers and paid operatives of the old corrupt powerbrokers. Using the old discredited term “conspiracy theory’ will be a marker for this. Particularly when the person using it does so to denigrate, ridicule or smear their target. It’s an old tired and long exposed CIA playbook strategy to do this. Ask yourself why on earth a journalist would do this, unless…

    Smug trolling is truly the last gasps for air of a truly despicable period of modern civilisation. One the history books will record as the high point of covert and secretive powers gone rogue, resulting in corrupt, oppressive and undemocratic actions threatening individual freedom globally. History will also record these criminal gangs, some reaching to the very pinnacles of power both Government and corporate had been rooted out and crushed by 2020, ushering in an unprecedented era of harmony, wealth and global advancement.

  46. Che
    Nive manifesto diatribe
    You are overly wordy trying to sound intellectual, not working, comes across as loony pontificating and bloviating.
    Lighten up

    When will the 63000 arrests occur?
    Did HRC have faba beans with her baby?
    Are you on meds?

    The more vigorous the defense the deeper the crazy.

  47. Q’s first post, 14 months ago

    (HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.)

    I am an Officer in a ANG unit in a large city. NO units ANYWHERE were activated. And HRC was not arrested.

    This is a scam, playing on peoples weaknesses and fears and with their heads.

    Q’s posts have appeared at all times across all time zones: this means he has posted while on duty. This is against gov policy. In a facility where Q level is required phones are not allowed (for obvious reasons, and they would not likely work due to rad/emi shielding and jamming). So he used a secure gov computer? They are limited in access and again a violation.

  48. I bet every one of you Q slammers fully believed the totally unverified ‘dossier’ when it came out. Talk about falling for a scam ruse!

    1. Portions of the dossier have been corroborated. The author was a 20+ year MI6 agent who ran the Russian desk with many contacts in Russian intell. Highly respected by his peers. Ran an SAS hunter/kill team in Iraq.

      No reason not to believe it. trump is a perv, and loathed Obama not hard to believe he comported with hookers and had them defile the bed.

      The deep state is trump, saudis, Israel, russia, alderson and the lot., ie, neo con mil/industrial complex. They put their sock puppet in place:
      Tax cuts for the rich
      Relocate US Israeli embassy
      Weapons for Israel and saudi
      Roll back all EPA rules
      Roll back banking rules
      Deny poor healthcare, kill them off
      (1780 blacks were 30% of the population, 15% in 1860, genocide)
      Mainstream racism, white supremacy, etc

      The deep state is not who you think it is.
      The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  49. Why won’t Q’ers own their core beliefs?

    All liberals are in a pedo cabal
    HRC kills babies and eats them
    HRC et al kill kids and wear their faces
    McCain & Bush were tried & executed
    JFK Jr. is alive

    Because it would confirm without doubt that they are dark souled, evil, sick and crazy pups

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