Six Reasons We Will Always Love Boyz II Men

We never realized the first time Motownphilly played on our car stereo that Boyz II Men would become one of our all-time favorite things to come out of the 90's. But they are. And in an era where people are listening to auto-tuned overload or watching Miley shoot lasers out of her tits on stage, Boyz II Men continue to keep it real without gimmicks and/or a hologram.

What started as a four man group (Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, Michael McCary, and Shawn Stockman) may have dwindled down to three but regardless of the man count, we genuinely feel that the impact they have had on R&B is absolutely timeless. Armed with their newest album “Collide” as extra ammo and an upcoming date at the House of Blues in Anaheim on September 10th, Boyz II Men is also sending a powerful message to all of the young bucks out there and that message is: great music equals longevity.

As super huge fans of the guys who make up Boyz II Men, we wanted to show our love by listing our six reasons (As in the 76ers. Get it?) as to why they have remained in our heart of hearts and why we think people from young to old will always love them.


6- Grammy's Y'all.

Boyz II Men have not one, not two, and not even three Grammy's. They have four. And since the Grammy's award the best of the best musically, it screams volumes that this iconic R&B group has been the recipient of more than one. Four. Four Grammy's to be exact. Take that H-Town.

5- Viva Las Vegas.

No, no, no don't worry. Boyz II Men didn't remake this Elvis classic although if they did, rest assured that they would def crush it. The Vegas reference comes solely because this trio attempted and excelled at a random task: a residency in Las Vegas. Our advice? If you're going to Vegas, skip the $100 club admission (we're looking at you Tao) and check out B2M at The Mirage while you're there. Come on, there are still drinks to be drunk and it'll further put you in the mood to get your Vegas on…in your hotel room.

4- They really know how to lay it on thick with an apology.

GTFOH if you think these sweet boys crooning “Down on Bended Knee” and completely BEGGING isn't a romantic gesture! After all, baby, they're sorry they let you down. Please forgive them. They're swallowing their pride for god's sake! This pussified plea obviously means they know they did someone wrong and that humility gave us just one more reason to love them. Humility. Look it up and get some.


3- I'll Make Love To You.

Sweet baby Jesus. When this song came out it became the ultimate bump and grind music and one of the first times a man really broke down what he'd do during said “love making sesh.” Oh you want me to relax because you'll go slow? You're going to concentrate on me? My wish is your command? You'll submit to my demands? It's going to be a long night you say? Alrighty then, count us in.

2- Uhh Ahhh.

Please refer back to our #3 reason but add a little bubbly of the alcoholic variety, some extra candles, possibly some lube, and please playboy, turn that phone off. Some silky smooth moves are about to pop off. Injection fellas. Shiiiit. Thinking about this song all of these years later still gives us a chill. A sexy chill.

1- End of the Road

The B2M classic “End of the Road” represents so many things to so many people. For some it's a wedding song…OK, kidding. For some, this song really can bring out the waterworks at funerals and graduations. It's like it is a matrimony/divorce/funeral/graduation song. Look, whatever event you choose to play this slow jam at, to us, we love that this ditty has become the perfect anthem to signify the end of an era. Or, the end of the road, if you will.

Be sure to grab your tickets now to see Boyz II Men at the House of Blues in Anaheim on September 10th at 7:30pm. 1530 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802 (714) 778-2583. For tickets go to and more more info on the guys, check out their website, become a fan on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @BoyzIIMen.

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