Sinking Ship: [OC Weekly Cartoon]

Artist statement by Scott Feinblatt:

Under the current regime, it is difficult to think of GOP congressmen as anything but petty thugs. Naturally, there are a few who have occasionally gone against the grain of egregious practices like shuttling a major tax bill through before anyone has had a chance to read it [thank you for your sensibility, Sen. Corker], but generally speaking, the collective behavior of the Grand Old Party has made it look like a goon squad. The jury is out on whether shame, fear, or a sense of accomplishment dominate the spirits of the 30-plus Republican congressmen (so far) who have recently announced their retirements. It seems likely that they are either trying to get away from the national embarrassment that they have grown to placate while they still vaguely remember the meaning of the word “integrity,” or they are trying to renege on their deals with the Devil (and hope no one remembers). Whatever the case, a hearty do svidaniya [Russian for farewell] to OC’s GOP congressmen Darrell Issa and Ed Royce, your captain and comrades will surely miss your votes.

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