'Sin of Homosexuality' Video Inspires Gay Pride Dance Party at OCHSA

​How does a musical-theater-loving school respond to an anti-gay video featuring one of its own students?   
With Gaga, natch.  
Kids at Orange County High School of the Arts launched an impromptu Gay Pride Day, complete with rainbow flags and a “Born This Way” dance party, after seeing a YouTube clip titled, “Homosexuality in High School.” The video is hosted by Bobby Blakey, high school pastor of Aliso Viejo's Compass Bible Church, who preaches that those who are “trapped in the lifestyle” of homosexuality can be “freed” by Jesus. 


It has since been removed, but was re-uploaded by others here and here.
Over eerie music, Blakey states that “many students, though they don't think of themselves as homosexual, have completely embraced the lifestyle as legitimate for their friends. If you don't accept homosexuality, you're not 'in' with what's happening today.”    
Homosexuality, he says, is the “one issue that defines this generation.” 
In comes two fresh-faced boys, Tyler and Patrick, who share how they once believed they were gay, but then read the Bible, and turned their lives around.
“It wasn't a choice for me anymore,” Tyler says in the video. “I knew that this is what I had to do.”   
This week, the video riled up students at OCHSA–which Tyler attends according to Queerty and student comments–so much so that they broke out in dance.  
“We believe in acceptance,” the description of the OCHSA event reads. “We believe in love.” 

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