Silverlake in Pomona

They’re calling it “Silverlake in Pomona”—a bunch of East-ish-side LA modern-indie-pop bands parachuting in to deploy the new spirit of Sunset Boulevard to the 909. Plenty here to satisfy anyone who couldn’t ever make it to the actual club to see the club-level bands play—like the Franks’ Rip Off Records-style garage with Fall vox on top, White Arrows’ polished-up Brooklyn-style dance-post-punk, and Holloys’ heavy and haunting Mission of Burma experimentalisms. But Superhumanoids are one especially not to miss: beautifully produced up-to-the-second pop with boy-girl singers and roaring choruses that probably kick open the back doors when they get played live. Quantity gets you quality at this one.

Fri., Dec. 10, 6 p.m., 2010

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