Silverado Film Festival Presents Another Thought-Provoking Lineup SATURDAY

Short films and music videos touching on subjects ranging from conservation and preservation to Orange County gang injunctions and disenfranchisement fill the intriguing bill of Saturday night's fourth annual Silverado Film Festival.


Some films make their world premieres or have been shown no where other than on college campuses or at film festivals, according to Joel Robinson, naturalist and outreach coordinator with the Santa Ana Mountains Wild Heritage Project.

Participants include: Chapman University's Dodge College of Film N Media Arts, Orange County School of the Arts, Cartoon Saloon, Greg Grunberg (Masters of Sex, Heroes), Matty Cardarople (Dumb N Dumber 2, Elvis the Cat), Mike L. Mayfield (Adult Swim's Mr. Pickles), Doug Lussenhop (Tim N Eric, The Eric Andre Show) and Robinson (a.k.a. “Weird Beard”) himself.

Scott Keltic Knot has three projects in the festival: Santa Ana: Mountains, River N City, which follows two pals on a hike to “discover” the Santa Ana River; Self Defense – Defend the Water!, which aims to point the public to water conservation instead of environmentally harmful desalination plants; and Sangre, which explores the circle of life and death from food consumption.

Besides the films, there will be live music by Savages and Son del Centro and local, organic, farm-sourced meals available for purchase from Boldo. You are encouraged to bring your own reusable dinnerware.

Also, because it's an outdoor event, bring blankets, fold-up chairs and layered clothing. It runs from 6-10 p.m. Saturday at the Silverado Community Center, 27641 Silverado Canyon Road, Silverado. A $5 donation is requested. To give online or for more information, visit

The 2015 trailer and lineup–which includes title, run time (in minutes/seconds) and director (and is subject to last-minute change)–follow on the next page …


1. Santa Ana: Mountains, River N City 12:30 d. Scott Keltic Knot

2. 6th Border Fandango 15:00 d. Jose Luis Gallo

3. Wasted 12:06 d. Savannah Lew

4. Dusty in the Streets 1:15 d. Andre Hyland

5. Seeking Justice 8:31 d. Jesús Aguirre

6. International Workers' Rights Day 15:52 d. Esteban Pinilla

7. Somewhere Down the Line 10:20 d. Julien Regnard (Cartoon Saloon)

8. Fatima Jabrill 2:15 d. Samah Tokmachi

9. Protest: We Are the People 2:31 d. Adrián Muñoz

10. Telling of the Bees Telling 6:02 d. Nicole Antebi

11. The Promposal 3:40 d. Ryan Porter

12. OC Gang Injunction 10:46

13. Save the Lighthouse 10:09 d. James Castillo

14. Why 4:53 d. Brent Weinbach

15. Under the Peel: Voices from OC 6:25 d. Hannah McDonald

16. Self Defense – Defend the Water! 3:00 d. Scott Keltic Knot

17. Mario Molina 2:25 d. Samah Tokmachi

18. The Comedian 6:49 d. Clay Weiner w. Johnny Pemberton

19. Untitled Matty Cardarople Project

20. Untitled Mawnstor Films (Justin Reyes) Project

**** for a mature audience ****

19. JCrew Crew (Episodes 4 N 5) 5:33 N 4:17 d. Meghan O'Neill

20. The Dangers of Strangers 4:09 d. Mike L. Mayfield

21. Backer 2:48 d. Cole Kush

22. Sangre 2:35 d. Scott Keltic Knot

23. 2 Wet Crew 3D 3:58 d. Doug Lussenhop

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