Signa Elevates Latin Alt-Rock Sounds With Help From Vampiro!

Signa, a Costa Mesa-based rock en español band, is back with an impressive new recording. Produced by none other than César “Vampiro” López–the guitar virtuoso of Jaguares and Maná fame–Temporales is a clean toned, highly polished four-track EP that elevates the musicians to a higher plane. Always spiritually minded, Signa held firm to their commitment to follow up their debut Cuando se ponga el sol with a heavier rocanrol sound. Vampiro plays guitars on “Cielos Abiertos” (available for free download) while Humberto “Beto” Gudiño's vocals, among the most underrated in OC in any language, shine on the title track that ponders the temporal nature of earthly existence. The rhythm section is locked tight in the grooves while the guitar work is exemplary–all of what is to be expected given Signa's talent and Vampiro's guidance.

The band even belted out an immigrant anthem “Pinches y Jardineros” (also available for free download) with the solidarity slogan “Todos somos ilegales.” Check out video of an acoustic version of the song before guitarist/vocalist Beto Gudiño gives the Weekly his spare notes on Temporales.


On collaborating with the acclaimed Vampiro to produce the EP:

“We were playing at the Roxy a couple years ago. We were opening for his side project band. Vampiro's son saw me singing that night. They found us later on Facebook. Vampiro invited me to play with his band, which I did for six months. We started this friendship. He's a really cool dude, really down to Earth. He has a passion for music and is one of the ones who still believes in rock 'n' roll [laughs]. Later on, Signa looked for a studio to record. I called Vampiro and he said 'Let me do it for you guys.” We sent him our songs and he really liked them. We're really happy with the outcome of the four-song EP and it's just exciting to have someone of that quality of musicianship be a part of it.”

On making music for all creeds:

“We decided to start from scratch out of the four of us. That's really where we became a band. We had the music first and then we started writing the lyrics. A lot of it comes from my own situation. We really wanted it to be something, let's say, that people of all creeds could relate to. In the band, we're all believers. We're Christians, if people want to take it that way. We listen to a lot of music and we don't just listen to it because the lead singer is Muslim, Christian, Catholic or whatever. That's what we wanted to do with these four songs; create music that people could relate to it whatever their belief is. There's still a lot of spiritual depth in the songs that we sing and personal growth as well.”

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