Sign of the Times [OC Weekly Cartoon]

With all the allegations coming out of Hollywood regarding sexual harassment, casting-couch behavior, assault and even rape, this week’s Orange Feathers cartoon was a no-brainer. Sadly, the phenomenon is hardly limited to the entertainment industry, with editors and publishers of such lofty journalism entities as The New Republic and National Public Radio being roiled by similar scandals. Heck, even George H.W. Bush, who can barely walk or talk, is getting in on the act by groping women from his wheelchair during photo opps! Settle down, ya pervs!

Here’s an artist’s statement by Scott Feinblatt:

The epic revelation of previously unreported cases in which Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is alleged to have sexually assaulted actresses has made a huge impact on the entertainment industry. Moreover, this revelation and the #metoo movement has empowered victims to come forward with their own stories to the
extent that the hidden abusive face of the industry has been revealed. Unfortunately, many of the people who are coming forward are still afraid to reveal the names of the powerful people who have assaulted them on the basis that the alleged perpetrators are still in a position to influence the careers of their accusers. Hopefully, this movement will not fade away with the Harvey Weinstein case; hopefully, it will permanently change the political climate in the industry, and (more hopefully) unmask perpetrators of sexual assault
at the highest levels of the corporate world and the government.

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