Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Golden IPA 2017 at Rance’s Chicago Pizza, Our Beer of the Week!

The best deep-dish Chicago pizza this side of Lake Michigan, Rance’s Chicago Pizza has opened its second location in beautiful Belmont Shores. Rance’s first opened in 2012 in Costa Mesa and immediately set the bar high with it’s authentic take on Chicago’s pride and joy, the deep dish pizza. This location expands the original Costa Mesa beer menu from 18 to 29 craft brews.

Goose Island Green Line American Pale Ale (5% ABV) is the perfect Chicago beer to drink while enjoying a Chicago deep dish! A great tasting pale ale with citrus notes and a hint of honey on the back end, enjoy these suds in Rance’s roomy and comfortable dining room while watching a game on the many big screens. The Barrelhouse Big Sur Double IPA (9.6% ABV) is a delicious West Coast style DIPA, heavy on the hops with hints of grapefruit and tropical fruit. It’s is a heavy hitter with a full flavor profile, so pair this with the garlic cheese bread sticks.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Golden IPA 2017 (6.5% ABV) uses wheat malt to create a crisp and refreshing drink still hoppy enough for those that enjoy that slight bitterness up front. Unlike some IPA’s that might be too heavy for a pasta dish, the Beer Camp 2017 compliments your linguine or chicken parm.

Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Belmont Shores is a great place to chill with a tasty craft beer, some deep dish pie as you watch the world go by on 2nd Street. Go Cubbies!

Rance’s Chicago Pizza, 5258 E. 2nd St., Long Beach, (562) 786-5566;

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