Shrine Expo Hall Says Together As One Cancelled

And here we go again…

Today the Shrine Exposition Hall in L.A. confirmed that Go Venture's New Year's Eve Party Together as One is, uh, not coming together. Surprise! it's been cancelled. After hearing word from a tipster that the Shrine phone operators were saying that the event was no more, we called and followed up. This happens less than two months after the EDM promoters cancelled Monster Massive in October at the last possible fucking second. So far, no word on any of Go Ventures' websites or social media that the event is cancelled and the web page to buy tickets to the party is still intact–also not very shocking.

The lineup for the multi-stage event includes Zombie Disco Squad, 3Lau, Lazy Rich and eight other acts. DJ Reza (aka Reza Gerami), co-founder of Go Ventures is also listed on the bill. So far no word from the company on if the event has just been moved. According to the event's website, tickets for the event from $100 general admission to a whopping almost $2,500 for a “Platinum Party Package” for eight people. This fumble comes two years after Go Ventures and Insomniac, who were rival promoters in the late 90s, came together in 1999 to throw TAO. Since separating their partnership, going solo on the event doesn't appear to be panning out well. We've reached out to Go Ventures for a statement, and we'll keep you posted as more details become available.

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