Show The Frida Cinema Some 'Chair-ity' For Their Chair Fund Drive

It's refurbishing time for the Frida Cinema! They recently commissioned local artists Michael Ziobrowski and Federico Medina to adorn the bathroom doors with collages of male/female film protagonists. Now they're looking to upscale their theater seats to not only make them more comfortable for your keester and back, but include cup holders as well!

But, lofty as that change would be, it can only be done with the help of sponsorship from Viewers Like You, as the Frida is a nonprofit with a director passionate about film who choses to screen obscure features like I Drink Your Blood and I Eat Your Skin over commercial rabble like Suicide Squad. As the man himself, Logan Crow, writes in the Frida's IndieGoGo page, “Each [chair] is noisy, there is little room for our guests with mobility issues, they're not very comfortable, and yes, they don't have cup holders. A seat replacement project generally comes at a major expense, and we've figured it would be another year or two before we'd take the first steps to tackle this big project.” 

Until now, Crow continues, as the Mary Pickford Theatre in Cathedral City has presented our plucky cinema with the opportunity to renovate one of the two auditoriums with cushioned, reclining seats for a fraction of the full cost. But still; money is money, and money is what the Frida needs to achieve this dream. Donations of any size are hugely appreciated, but here are some highlights of specific sponsorship levels that might entice you to be chair-itable:

$20– Coupon for a free regular soda, which ostensibly would fit inside the aforementioned cup holders.

$50– You'll literally get to keep one of the Frida's old theatre chairs, but we can't promise it'll be that comfortable to watch a movie in. Plus, you might have to assemble it back together yourself, but at least it'll be easier to assemble than a chair from IKEA…

$100– Your name and favorite movie will be inscribed with a plaque on a new seat for at least the next two years, triggering the anxiety and long discussions with yourself of what movie you want associated with your name on said plaque. No pressure, tho.

$175– A two-fer deal, where you sponsor two chairs and get yours and a special movie watching buddy's inscribed with your names/favorite films next to each other.

$250– The Reserved Seat Sponsor level where you can choose your favorite seat in the theatre to sit in and it will be yours for the sitting, when you call 24 hours in advance of your next visit.

$300– Damn, you must really love movies. You get a full year of free movies, popcorn and soda, and reserved seat. 

As of this writing there's about less than a week left for the Frida Cinema to reach their goal of $30,000, and old seats have already been gifted to donors. However much you want to help out, be sure to read the IndieGoGo page's fine print and detailed list of the rest of the premiums at each tier. Trust, you'll feel better for having been a part of helping out this noble theater, and your nalgas will thank you, too.


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