Show Pigeon Tattoo’s Quiver of Love Pop-up Has Your Valentine’s Day Covered

Based on what we’re seeing in stores, it’s Valentine’s Day season! If you’re lost on what to get your beloved, Show Pigeon Tattoo Parlor is hosting a Quiver of Love pop-up on Feb. 10. We’ve featured owner Evie Yapelli numerous times for her amazing tattoo skills and clothing venture—and with a schedule such as hers, it’s incredible she has time to plan anything else! In honor of the shop’s second anniversary, Yapelli is celebrating with this small, Valentine’s Day-themed art-and-vendor fair. Come pick up something for your boo—or yourself!

COLE STREM. The Long Beach-based tattooer will sell T-shirts and limited-edition art prints, all showcasing his American Traditional style.

TATTOOS. Yapelli and Strem will both be inking during the event by appointment only, and they’ve each designed Victorian Valentines/mourning-inspired flash. Strem’s schedule is full, but Yapelli had some openings as of press time.

STAY ADORNED. Artist Sylvia Strem (wife of Cole) makes haunting jewelry and home décor out of ethically sourced animal remains, natural materials such as moss and crystals, and fine metals. For Quiver of Love, she will offer Victorian jewelry, taxidermy art and dream catchers for sale.

SHOW PIGEON. Besides tattooing, Yapelli has done numerous crossovers with rockabilly clothing brand Miss Ladybug and retro toy maker Bittersqueaks (see my column “Bittersqueaks Makes Nouveau Vintage Squeaky Toys,” Dec. 7, 2016). Pieces from both collaborations will be at the pop-up, along with Yapelli’s enamel pins and jewelry and art prints.

NARCOLEPTIC NECROMANCER. This indie baker will provide complimentary Victorian-inspired treats such as lavendar cookies, cupcakes, tarts, macarons and more.

FREE SWAG. Stickers, buttons and other goodies—because who doesn’t like free swag?!

Quiver of Love at Show Pigeon Tattoo Parlor, 2140 W. Chapman Ave., Ste. 120, Orange; Feb. 10, noon-8 p.m.

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