Should Anyone Care That Ann Coulter Hawks Her Latest Polemic in Costa Mesa TOMORROW?

I may be going out on a limb here, because I have yet to read Ann Coulter's new book (or, come to think of it, any Ann Coulter book), but other than the upside down exclamation marks before the titles and right side up exclamation marks after, her ¡Adios, America! and The Mexican-in-Chief's ¡Ask a Mexican! book and columns take far different views of U.S. immigration policy.

The pair of authors do have this in common: both will be in Costa Mesa Wednesday.

Gustavo will be here at Weekly HQ, putting the final touches on the latest edition of the best alternative newsweekly in all the land (that's for sale).

Coulter will be pimping ¡Adios, America! at the local Barnes & Noble Booksellers, where a crowd is expected … to protest her. (They likely won't be able to get as close at Coulter's July 13 gig at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.)

It seems that there are some local folks who take exception to Coulter's new book apparently stating that non-white people should not be allowed in the U.S., which seems to be an awfully circuitous way to remove Obama from office.

The controversial author's targets, according to her publisher, are all Democrats, La Raza, a media she accuses of covering up immigrants' crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their “charity” and greedy Republican businessmen and campaign consultants profiting handsomely from mass immigration.

“Coulter's argument–that the media and our politicians conspire to keep information from us about the effects of mass immigration from non-Western countries, and that such immigration will destroy the fabric of the country–is virtually unassailable,” says Townhall's Ben Shapiro of the book.

But Heather Digby Parton, writing in Salon, claims that Coulter has had to say and write ever more outrageous things to get anyone to notice her these days–and that it isn't working. Coulter was excluded this year from CPAC, where she'd been featured for 17 years, as conservative organizations had been trying to have her dropped for a while but friends in high places had intervened. “But the planners had had enough,” Parton writes.


“… Today, Ann Coulter is just political white noise. Sure, she'll sell her books to the small group of people who can't get enough of her bilious humor and hatred but her days of being a mainstream pop culture phenomenon are over. Everybody's heard it all before. There's almost a whiff of noxious nostalgia about it now.”

New York Magazine's Annie Lowrey recently wrote Coulter cannot get invited on TV anymore: “Coulter has found herself struggling to annoy, enrage, and otherwise provoke the mainstream media or the left. Bloggers have left her alone. Twitter has left her alone. The networks have left her alone. 'Nobody will debate me!' she said. 'There's been no ABC, NBC, CBS for me on this book! This is my 11th New York Times best-seller. I write them myself! I research them myself! I'm the female Bob Woodward! If I were a liberal, I couldn't write another book, I'd be so busy collecting awards! I'd be posing for the cover of Vanity Fair!'”

To be fair, Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes (the racist one, not huggable teddy bear Shane Smith) says Coulter's ¡Adios, America! is “the best book she's ever written,” and The Daily Beast deemed it “often-inflammatory, usually clever, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.”

Not laughing are the protesters who say they are going to show up during the 6 p.m. event at the Metro Pointe Barnes & Noble, 901 B South Coast Drive, Ste. 150, Costa Mesa, “to spread a positive message that migration is 'natural, beautiful and necessary.'”

Given Coulter's fall, the question is whether the protest is necessary.

(Gustavo note: Interestingly enough, the only media that has cared to cover her besides the lunatic right are good people: Jorge Ramos, Tom Leykis (where Ann is appearing TODAY at 4 p.m., and this blog post post. Refry THAT, Ann…)

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