Shot Out of the Rough Sparks Quite a Round

Golfers have been known to burn up the course, but this is ridiculous.

Fire officials claim Saturday's 12-acre fire in Irvine was sparked–literally–by a golf club.

How that possibly came to be after the jump . . .

An unidentified golfer playing at Shady Canyon Golf Course in Irvine landed a shot in the rough around noon Saturday.

On his next swing to get the ball out of the rough, his club clinked into a rock . . .

. . . which caused a spark . . .

. . . which lit the rough . . .

. . . which was set ablaze.

The fire burned part of that hole and spread to vegetation next to the course and eventually a couple hillsides covered in dry brush.

A fire official was reported
to say, “There's a lot of dead growth out there”–and, no, that was not a reference to the men's club.

More than 150 firefighters and helicopters overhead responded to put out the blaze.

Bet they wish they got that kind of response in Yorba Linda.

No charges were filed against the golfer, who may want to switch to a less dangerous sport, like octagon fighting.

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