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Congratulations to the RollingBlackoutsand the Willowzfor overcoming a) not technically being from Los Angeles and b) being written about in the OCWeeklythree years ago (which dooms a band, if someone happens to read it) to win an LAWeeklymusic award and nomination, respectively. OCWeeklywelcomes them to an already bulging Not Technically From LA/Written About Three Years AgoHall of Fame (including award winners Dios and Dance Disaster Movement and award nominees the Von Steins, the Red Onions, the Orphans, Nobody and the Stitches) and also congratulates Matt Costa, Fielding, Innaway and Emanon on their coming 2008 nominations, if they don't quit by then.

ALSO: ISMmag art show at Detroitwith the hazardous Dukes of Socket.

Tony Hawk's Goo Goo Huck Jam: the BMX/skateboarding/motocross extravaganza that takes the three middle dudes on the evolutionary scale and gives them Volcom T-shirts. Note: there is no actual music at this event, not that anyone who'd go to it would be into actual music. The polysyllabic among us will instead be sitting solemnly at SegerstromHallfor the West Coast premiere of Philip Glass' Olympiad symphony Orion, and then returning home with our spouses to fall asleep in separate beds.

ALSO: TheKissfits(Kiss and Misfits cover band) at the Doll Hut, not to be confused with the Ms. Fits (girls covering the Misfits) or the Misfats (fat guys covering the Misfits) or Danzig (fat guy covering the Misfits) or the Misfits (Jerry Only from the Misfits covering the Misfits).

PLUS: The Bo Diddleybeat at the HOB; Preservation Hall Jazz Bandat the Barclay; jerk like your uncle Cyril at mod club SecretAffairat Memphis Santa Ana.

The Weirdoswere better than the Ramones in 1977 and got an LAWeeklymusic award in 2004; that's why they get to headline a show at underground avant-garde art space HogueBarmichaelsover bands like Cheap Sex, who photoshopped their logo off the Sex Pistols record, probably because they were too busy writing really excellent original songs to spare any energy on anything else, and Civet, who . . . ah, fuck it. Anyone who'd care about Civet stopped reading this at the word polysyllabic. With Shattered Faith, underrated SST fellow-travelers who so presciently sang, “We love America, so drop the bombs!”

PLUS: When the ElectricDaisyCarnivalcame to Long Beach in 2002, it was basically a rave—great reviews on if you wanna catch up—but this year Spaceland and FilterMagshoehorned in a bunch of Spaceland-y/Filter-ish bands to counterbalance the barefoot-y/twirling-ish crowd. So alongside Crystal Method, Junkie XL, Speaker Junkiesand a million shiny DJs in tents: Jurassic 5, the Donnas, Ozomatli, bar band Louis XIV, Moving Units, Autolux, Blowfly-backup gals/dudes Gravy Train!!!!and the LAWeeklyaward-winning Silver Apples tribute experience Dance Disaster Movement, plus special appearances by 2 Many Port-A-Sans and the Bottled Water Pimps. At the National Orange Show Events Centerin San Bernardino, and only $30 plus the incalculable human cost of spending a day in San Bernardino to get in.

ALSO: Vince Neil's son NeilWhartontrades his identity as an individual for a deli tray and a set of Motley Crue covers at the Coach House; rave old-school style—white people, beer, massed lines of mounted police—at the GreatAmericanIrishFairwith the Feniansat Irvine Meadows, which is kind of a Ren Faire for people more into drinking than AP World History (related news: I'm drunk right now).

AND YET MORE: Chi-chi BasementLoungebar opens in Long Beach's East Village; DJFatjackat club Abstract Workshopat Detroit; Special People's Clubdub/funk/junk at Memphis Costa Mesa; WIVESare GOD at Plush Cafein Fullerton; the gentle lamentations of Unsaneat Alex's.

It's been more than 25 years and Journeyis still with us; the decision whether to stop believing is no longer ours to make. At Verizon Wireless.

ALSO: Jamaican Studio One star RankingJoewith local dub scientists JahFellowshipat the Blue Caf; if you're still into Sugar Ray, I have some really bad news about the World Trade Center, the shuttle Columbiaand Iraq. At HOB.

PLUS: GreatAmericanIrishFairstaggers toward its conclusion.

GreatAmericanIrishChristMyHeadAndWhatWasYourNameAgain?Fairkicks off this morning as soon as the sun comes through the curtains.

ALSO: Huge earthquake devastates California today, you watch. Is this column a downer? Well, we'll all be dead in no time.

Hardcore for the youth of today with Boston's Bane, touring on a new album and a new drummer and promises (via an essay by the old drummer) to single-handedly eradicate “sub-mental” violence and exclusionary labels from the hardcore scene, following up early success at eradicating everything but 17-year-old boys with bullet belts from the hardcore scene. Acceptably brutal new album TheNotesounds just like 2001's also notably brutal GiveBloodbut with slightly looser teeth; even heavy Boston hardcore dudes get old. Says bassist Pete Chilton with chilling candor: “We don't know what else to do other than this.” At Chain Reaction.

ALSO: SlickRicktells some children's stories at the Vault. PLUS: Luxurious Canreissues out on Mutetoday; get the headphones and the weed and tell your mom you're going to bed early tonight.

Mike Jones, who's he? A Houston hip-hop downer that raps his phone number over and over, but anyway: let's take this moment to remember DJ Screw, a Dr. Frankenstein kind of guy who created the chopped 'n' screwed monster that would eventually kill him. Jones' slo-mo flow is a sequel to Screw's serendipitous discovery back in the '90s that accidentally melted tapes—Screw left a set of reels inside his car on a hot Houston day, or so the legend says—make for remixes more awesome than man could ever consciously accomplish. Screw's new artificially damaged sound—wobbly vox and underwater beats—turned out to be a chart smash five years ahead of its time, as well as the perfect symbiote to the cough syrup highs that he loved so much. Too much, as it turned out, and in 2000, they found Screw—by then the mastermind behind popular mix tapes called “Syrup 'n' Soda” and “Sippin' Codeine”—dead like Hank Williams in the seat of his car with a empty bottle at his side. Codeine overdose, said the police, shocking . . . themselves. But Screw died so that Mike Jones could still tip 'em. At the Vault.

ALSO: Dueling indie lounges at Memphis Costa Mesa's Definitely Maybeand Detroit's The Take Back: harsh realm.

Club L__ephunktips out for its four-year anniversary, with DJMelo-Dfrom the Beat Junkiesat Detroit; W.A.S.P.fuck like a tired old beast at HOB; Patti Smith luvs Nicki Cave in LionFeverplus synth-punk from ThisBlushat Koo's; MerleHaggardat the Fender Museumin Corona.

PLUS: Several aftershocks from Tuesday's quake provoke tsunami warning for the Arizona coast.



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