Shithole: [OC Weekly Cartoon]

Artist statement by Bob Aul:

I heard on NPR a while ago about bacteria in goose shit which was found to thrive on toxins in highly polluted waters of an abandoned pit mine in Montana—waters that actually killed the geese by the thousands. Donald Trump is kind of like that bacteria—thriving in the toxic cultural soup of 7 decades’ worth of increasingly crass, media & marketing-driven pop-consumer intellectual waste which lowered our national IQ to the point where he could effortlessly step in to fill the Trump-shaped void just waiting there for him. Except that the goose bacteria is beneficial to the environment by actually breaking down the toxins, whereas all data seems to indicate Trump just adds to the spew…largely through that ugly mouth of his.

Think of that mouth as a huge movie prop PA horn on a pole, blaring distracting, corrupted, unedited noise worldwide with the help of (and obvious benefit to) his cable news enemies. It’s loud enough to temporarily blot out most other noises emanating from the areas of net neutrality, immigration, tax reform, environmental matters, and other instances of right-wing meanness, not to mention obscuring completely the scores of other sinister things that are so big they make no noise at all. It’s the WMD the Republicans have finally, lustfully gotten their hands on.

One further thought in a different direction though: with the illusions and perceptions surrounding established public figures crumbling right and left these days, ask yourself could it be that Trump’s totally unfiltered mouth is only laying bare what has been the real attitude of U.S. leaders all along toward non-white cultures?

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