Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA at Louie’s on Main in Garden Grove, Our Beer of the Week!

Garden Grove has two great, non-Asian things going for it. You gotta start with the song “Garden Grove” by Sublime, quite possibly their best. And then, of course, is Main Street, a throwback in time, where parking is FREE (unlike downtown  SanTana but that’s another story) and the businesses are quaint: a mom-and-pop diner, antique shops, the legendarily Elvis-obsessed Azteca’s and Louie’s on Main. Established in 1953 and formerly called the Rainbow Room, Louie’s has 30 beers on tap, with 22 of the craft variety that they rotate often. Burgers, sandwiches, wings and bombass onion rings all pair nicely with their eclectic beer menu. 

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA (with a 6.7% ABV) combines mango. papaya and bitter orange—refreshing with a little bit of a bite, and not too fruity at all (I could’ve done without the bitter orange since that’s what the hops are for, but you decide). On the other end is Rogue Shakespeare’s Oatmeal Stout on Nitro 5.8% ABV, a rich-tasting stout with plenty of chocolate notes. Easy to drink , not too sweet—ain’t it cool how chocolate Stouts are becoming a great dessert choice?

But the Beer of the Week is Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA out of Portland, Maine. At a 6.9% ABV, it pours out a beautiful copper color which comes from malts that are combined with three kinds of hops. This beer is full of flavor and is best described as an English-style pale ale. Louie’s on Main is a nice, comfortable neighborhood bar where you can kick back, watch a game or just kick back. ……martinezz..

Louie’s on Main, 12942 Main St., Garden Grove, (714) 537-9946;

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