Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ Career Crashes on 405 Freeway! [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

Last week, a dramatic single-engine plane crash on the 405 right next to John Wayne Airport made national news. It just so happened to occur the same week that Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens announced she wasn’t seeking reelection next year—because she’s ready for retirement she says, as the rest of the world snickers about her role in OC’s jailhouse snitch scandal.

Sometimes, the editorial cartoons just write themselves, people. And that’s what Bob Aul figured for this week’s Orange Feathers, out in newsstands tomorrow. Take it away, Bobaul!

Saying goes that comedy is tragedy plus time. Well, we found that one hour was enough for the asphalt to cool a few degrees before putting Sandra Hutchens in the cockpit of the plane wreck that’s turning out to be her career. Under intense scrutiny for the continuing jailhouse informant scandal unfolding on her watch, the move not to run for re-election is one that indeed just fell short of reaching the safety of the runway.


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