Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says Obama Birth Certificate Forged … and Orly Taitz Couldn't Be Happier

Maricopa County, Arizona's controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio–who has previously energized immigrant basher Barbara Coe–is now getting the hero treatment from another Orange County wingnut, Orly Taitz.

All he had to do was hold a press conference today announcing President Barack Obama's birth certificate and Selective Service cards are forgeries.

Arpaio, the target of ongoing federal investigations into alleged civil rights violations, said a six-month probe by his own “Cold Case Posse” found that “probable cause exists
indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed” in the
release of the president's long-form birth certificate.

The posse surmises the date stamp and the registrar's stamp on the birth
certificate were imported from somewhere else because they were on different layers on the document and
could be moved freely when opened in editing software. Arpaio's investigators also found the 1980 postmark had been tampered with on the Selective Service card.

“Based on all of
the evidence, I cannot in good faith report to you these documents are
authentic,” Arpaio said at a Phoenix press conference, adding his posse believes “that the long form birth certificate was
manufactured electronically and that it did not originate in the paper
format as presented by the White House.”

“America's Toughest Sheriff” stressed that he is not going after Obama nor accusing the Commander-in-Chief of a crime.

That's what Orly's for.

“”Arpaio confirms the evidence that I, as the only attorney, submitted to
courts, elections boards and Arpaio himself-there is a probable cause
to believe, that Obama's BC is a forgery,” the Laguna Niguel attorney/dentist/real estate saleswoman writes on

However, the “Queen of the Birthers” adds that she is reserving comment until she reads all of Arpaio's report because, “I have been burned before.”

Taitz issued the following all-caps plea:


She explains elsewhere on her site that time is of the essence because she believes Arpaio's report might be the evidence she needs to knock Obama off the Indiana ballot.

Fox News commentators may be quick to label CBS News as being part of the “lamestream media,” but the fairness balancers were quick to post the Tiffany Network's video of the press conference on Fox Nation:

Rick Santorum has apparently met with Arpaio to go over the findings.

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