SHERBINSKIS Flagship Location Grand Opening Friday!


Fairfax has long been a destination for anyone seeking the latest in food, fashion, and the occasional celebrity sighting. With stores that specialize in hard to find brands and collaborations that people are willing to spend hours in line for alongside stores that feature shoes which cost more than your savings account. Besides everyones favorite deli, we now have yet another reason to head north to empty our wallets.

SHERBINSKIS, winner of our 2019 Best Of Vape category, has announced its grand opening flagship location in the heart of Fairfax’s historic shopping district. “As a brand, we feel right at home on Fairfax. It’s a location we’ve always respected as a haven for creativity and culture. We’re excited to get settled in and kick off this chapter of SHERBINSKIS in Los Angeles,” said Mario Guzman, founder of the brand. Although the2,500 square foot flagship locations main focus will be on our favorite plant, the storefronts will serve as a platform for showcasing collaborations spanning from music to fashion, tech, and philanthropy.

For people that are familiar with the zoning laws of Los Angeles scoring some righteous buds can be tricky depending on your location. For now, anyone traveling to Los Angeles to do their holiday shopping can find relief from the stress by stopping by SHERBINSKIS, and checking out their range of sought after premium cannabis products, including its world-famous cannabis strains, Sunset Sherbet, Bacio Gelato, Mochi Gelato, Gello Gelato, Acai Berry Gelato, and more, with numerous consumption options ranging from flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, and oil extracts. The store will also feature products from brands like, Select, Dosist, and Kiva. Expect lines akin to the Supreme store located just steps away.

345 N. Fairfax
Los Angeles Ca

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