Shawn Nelson Even More of a Moron Than First Thought

Yesterday, we reported on the efforts of Fullerton Councilmember Shawn Nelson to get rid of the historic murals on the Lemon Street overpass just south of Valencia Drive. Today, we came across a YouTube video with footage of the murals and–more crucially–Nelson's unexpurgated remarks. All we can say is–Nelson, you're turning out to be the stupidest city councilmember in Orange County since Dick Nichols.

First Nelson error: Misrepresenting the Thee Midniters classic “The Town I Live In” as “The City I Live In,” not once, but TWICE. Second one: he said of the murals–which have been up since 1979, back when Nelson was some snotnose–“we need to get rid of that crap, like, right now.” Like, you think the Virgin of Guadalupe is crap, Shawn? Like, no way! Third: dismissing the murals as gang signifiers and therefore worthy of eradication. Gangs also identify with cities, Silly Shawn: should we get rid of them as well?

Folks: the murals are in danger. Spread the word and speak in favor of the murals at Fullerton's next council meeting in a couple of weeks. In the meanwhile, tell Silly Shawn at sn*****@ri************.com what an ignorant pendejo he is and to concentrate on REAL issues–like, say, the eradication of, like, the word “like” from, like, your vocabulary.

Below is the YouTube clip with Silly Shawn's words:

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