Shawn Nelson Apologizes–Sort of

Fullerton City Councilmember Shawn Nelson left a comment on our previous coverage criticizing his suggestion to get rid of the city's historic Lemon Street overpass murals which we're posting in its entirety here:

Gustavo: Not only do I have no disdain for the public but it was the public that asked us to do something about the murals. I have certainly failed to be clear that not all the murals are seen by the neighbors as problematic and, in fact, it maybe a select few items within the murals that they have trouble with. I have no problem admitting I could have chosen my words more carefully. As for the community meeting, I agreed to meet with members of the community, Dr. Richard Ramirez and others. Our Mayor, Sharon Quirk will also be at the meeting that is referenced in Ms. Kennedy's post. With the help of the people in the area I have no doubt that we can accommodate the neighbors that are demanding change. Our own Mayor, a hispanic woman who grew up in the area has indicated to me she has always been offended by the particular mural that has the skull and sunburst look to it stating “come again soon”.

Thanks for commenting, Shawn. But I'm not the one who ever accused you of having disdain for Fullertonians–that's your constituents, amigo. And I'm sorry that Mayor Sharon Quirk (never knew she was a wab–that must be where she gets her MILF-ness from…) doesn't like the skull, but, to paraphrase Huell Howser's defense of California state parks when trashing the 241 Toll Road, a community's public treasures aren't there for the convenience of councilmembers; they're artifacts of the past, things to cherish and maintain, not destroy due to whims. And, again: “The City I Live In.” TWICE?! Considering you grew up in the city, this is inexcusable–it's as if I said a major Anaheim street is Kotolla.

By the way, folks, it strikes me as odd that, 30 years after their painting, “neighbors” are suddenly upset about the Lemon Street murals. Me smells another coming victim of gentrification…

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