Shave Ice Truck to Hit the Streets of OC

Before you jump in, no, it is not “shaved ice”. Shave ice is the Hawaiian answer to a raspado, with some differences–and if you've never had one, you'll get your chance in early May when the Tropical Shave Ice truck hits the mean streets of OC and starts vending their ono kine grindz.


The flavor list hasn't been fully defined, but there will definitely be li hing mui powder (the salty, sweet, pucker powder that covers everything from gummy bears to popsicles in Hawaii) and condensed milk; this is what sets shave ice apart from the raspados that are sold out of carts in north OC.

There's also talk of ice cream bases and even sweet red beans. You don't get that from the pushcart! Bring your keiki once they open for business–in the meantime, you can friend them on Facebook for the latest updates, or follow them on Twitter.

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