Shatter Cup California Deserves Its Spot In The Industry

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The San Bernardino Fairgrounds in Victorville is becoming a prime spot for cannabis events and Shatter Cup California was no different. This past weekend (Oct. 7-8) the venue was filled with thousands of people, hip-hop music and all kinds of cannabis products. As cannabis and its consumption continue to become more socially acceptable, it seems like people are diving blindly into the industry. Fortunately, with the exception of one thing this event was pretty legit, so I’ve created a list to explain why.

Elbow Room

Because of the 87-acre venue, they were able to host thousands without over packing the people. Whether you wanted to be in the front row as close to the acts possible or enjoying your high cross-legged on the grass, the vast field in front of the stage offered a spot for everyone. Being able to enjoy yourself at an event without having to squeeze through a tight crowd is a real benefit; especially when you’ve been taking dabs all day have some of California’s best shatter and concentrates.


Shatter Cup was equipped with four different stages, all showcasing upcoming and local artists. If you were in one of the medicated rooms, out on the grass next to the main stage or kicking it with Kurupt and his moonrocks products, there was a stage full of live hip-hop music.

Friday night Nipsey Hussle and The Game were supposed to take the main stage, but by 11:45 the fans were yet to see more than a quick two-step by Nipsey Hussle. Random acts tried to keep the crowd’s attention while everyone waited for The Game, a headliner who’s notorious for making people wait. Fortunately, Saturday proved to be much better as hip-hop Legends such as Kurupt and Daz Dillinger took the stage and had every head bobbing, all the dub in the air and rapping each lyric aloud.


I don’t think anyone could have asked for a better day, usually events in Victorville are on scorching hot, dry days. Combined with the dehydration that comes with cannabis consumption it can have huge effects on your day. Fortunately, it wasn’t over a hundred degrees like it has been at recent events held in the same location, plus there was a breeze and the medicated rooms were well ventilated. Shatter Cup picked a great time of year and for that we should thank them.


If you’ve never been to a cannabis event before, they’re known to have some of the best deals on flower, concentrates, and other cannabis products around. In addition to that, everything you want is all in one place and there’s a huge selection to choose from. In fact, you’ll probably find products you’ve never heard of before or didn’t know existed. Remember how I mentioned there were four stages? Or each one of them was giving out free weed products throughout the entire weekend and some were challenging patients to huge dabs, I was suckered.

When the announcer asked who wanted free dab, I must have missed the part he said you’d have to take it on stage and it was two grams! Oh my goodness, I was already on stage and I couldn’t back down, so I prepared myself, my lungs and my eyes- took that whole thing like a boss and then casually hid behind my fiance until my eyes stopped crying. Lit AF.


I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that the event was somewhat disorganized, we are talking about stoners. At the same time, if those involved in the marijuana movement want to be taken seriously, a degree of professionalism should be expected. It was almost 1oo degrees as several media and performing artist waited over thirty minutes outside the box office for the one person handling the check-in. On top of that, they ran out of passes for everyone on the list, claiming only one person in your party needed credentials, which was not the case when attempting to enter back stage or to the photo pit. In fact, at one point I was concerned there would be a physical fight when the security was turning everyone away from the artist area behind the stage, including those with proper credentials.

Overall, I would say Shatter Cup California was a success, however as with anything they still have a couple things to work out, plus mixing up the big name artists throughout the other sets would have eliminated those dull moments. I look forward to what they have in store for us next time.

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