Shakeaway, UK-based Milkshake Shop, Opens in Huntington Beach

Well this is refreshing: a new ice-cream-based dessert shop that doesn't use liquid nitrogen or donuts. Shakeaway is, yup you guessed it, a milkshake bar. In fact, it purports to be the “World's Largest Milkshake Bar Company”. It started in the U.K. in 1999, which is practically prehistoric when it comes to dessert concepts. Since then, it has expanded throughout the globe, with shops in the hottest parts of the world, including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Now one's opened up in Huntington Beach, the first in OC but the third in California (two San Diego-area shops opened in the last year).


The menu boasts, well, milkshakes, but with over 180 flavors and “millions of combinations”. Think all of the candy options you can mix into at Cold Stone, and then add to that the fact that you can pour soda into a milkshake as another flavoring possiblity.

Shakeway is also famous for its so-called Millionaire's Milkshake, something that costs upwards to twenty bucks and has real 24-carat gold flakes in it.

For the rest of us Eliza Doolittles, the regular shakes start at $5. For a rundown of what your dream milkshake might consist of, check out the menu online. Because it takes at least a half hour to consider all the options, it's probably best to figure out what you want before you go.

And oh, they also sells fries.

120 5th St. Huntington Beach, CA 92648, (714) 536-3162;

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