Sexually Violent Predator Wants California Officials To Let Him Move To Jamaica

Rapist Dougal Samuels has a beef with California and the U.S. Attorney General because he's not being deported to Jamaica.

Calling himself a member of a “politically unpopular group,” Samuels (a.k.a. Samuals, he oddly uses both spellings) wants to leave as soon as possible, but officials here consider him so special they refuse to honor the wish.

The serial rapist (with victims in Chicago, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa and Sunset Beach) already served an 18-year prison sentence before the Orange County District Attorney's Office managed to label him a sexually violent predator (SVP) for the savage beatings he employed before and during his sexual assaults of women he usually met at bars.


Given his paraphilia diagnosis, Samuels is nowadays stuck in Coalinga State Hospital and, in his late fifties, claims he is too old and ill to rape more women or, like the past, underage girls.

Besides, according to his reasoning, it is unfair to “stigmatize” him for his past crimes that included raping five Orange County women in 18 days in June and July of 1987, according to law enforcement reports reviewed by OC Weekly.

“Petitioner,” he wrote about himself, “wishes to return to his homeland as he has no desire to live within the United States.”

Samuels claims his Jamaican citizenship makes him immune from the powers of the State of California, so this present civil confinement is illegal.

“The California legislature never intended the Sexually Violent Predator Act to apply to aliens seeking to return to their homelands,” he claims in legal filings seeking agreement from judges in the Ninth Circuit, transfer to a federal custody under the control of Attorney General Eric Holder and deported so he can live in a nation where he is “wanted.”

Inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert N. Block studied Samuels' claims, considered state Attorney General Kamala Harris' unsupportive reaction, supported the validity of state acts that placed the rapist permanently locked inside the mental hospital and recommended denial of his relocation request.

Though Samuels calls the AG's input “a rambling of prattle,” U.S. District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips recently accepted Block's determinations, rejected the appeal and closed the case.

Samuels' only outlet for his SVP desires will remain the rape threat letters he sends female staff at the hospital.

Go HERE to see a report by my colleague Matt Coker, who covered his prior complaints about being uncomfortable while incarcerated.

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