Sex on the Beach … With Mom and Dad?

A local mom is pissed that her daughter was recently approached at Huntington Beach Pier by MTV staffers looking for teens to appear on Sex … with Mom and Dad, which has so shocked the executive director of the Downtown Business Improvement District that she plans to take the matter up with the City Council.

This Hot Topic clearance aisle timepiece's advice: Whoaaaaaaa!

While we normally favor any attempt to thwart the forward progress of Dr. Drew Pinsky's gawdawful reality television career, Surf City-zens must be reminded that similar parental meddling forced MTV off campus at Laguna Beach High School, where they'd previously secured permission to shoot a reality show. (Janet Jackson's Super Bowl boobage certainly didn't help matters.)

But that only led MTV's cancerous camera crews to filter into Laguna's fabled hills and village proper, where they came away with the staged-reality footage that would result in the crime against mankind known as Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, which would lead to still crappier follow-up seasons, the makes-gouging-one-own's-eyes-out-attractive spin-off The Hills and real showbiz careers for the dead-behind-the-eyes likes of Audrina, Spencer, Heidi, LC and whoever the douchebag is with LC in the cell phone commercial.

See, Laguna Beach parents and the school district raising a big stink about Laguna Beach from the get-go only demonstrated to pact-with-Satan-packing MTV execs that they were on to something so very bad that it would unleash tweener gold.

Be careful what you wish against, Huntington Beach parents, lest you are prepared to become yet another Orange County beach town that produces endless fodder for Joel McHale.

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