Sex-Obsessed Funny Man Mitch Fatel Coming to Irvine Improv

​​New York-born funny man Mitch Fatel released his debut disc, Miniskirts and Muffins, in 2004 and three albums later, his comedy continues to spread like a really juicy rumor. “Childlike perversion” is what comes to mind when watching Fatel on stage. Although sometimes he's soft spoken, you will hear the content loud and clear. 

His delivery might be pure innocence but his mind is pretty much one-track sex. Fatel has been quoted as saying, “I'll take a fake laugh or a fake orgasm, I take what I can get.” But I seriously doubt these days he's having a problem with fans faking a laugh. Or an orgasm. You don't believe me? Check out at the Irvine Improv March 25-28th and see why he's magical–at least on stage.

After the jump: Interview with Mitch Fatel. 


OC Weekly (Ali Lerman)Are you getting a lot of groupie sex these days?

Mitch Fatel: Well, I actually met this wonderful woman who has changed my life. She told me that I'm allowed to have groupie sex as long as I have it with her. She's one of those very rare women in the world that's called a unicorn. She loves to have sex with other women and for some bizarre reason; she loves to watch me have sex with other women.

Wow…I don't even know how to comment on that.

That's how I felt when I first met her.

If you could be on South Park what would your character's name be and what would your story be like?

I think my characters name would be Mitchie. My episode would be Cartman gets me hooked on X and I can't stop doing it. I become an X addict and I can't stop touching, kissing, and humping everyone in town. Then I go to rehab for X.

That is so awesome! Then all the celebs can make their cameos at the rehab.

Exactly! And I'll kill Kenny by rubbing him to death.

What made you say no to drugs? Did you have a bad trip?

Well, the last time I smoked pot I was 15 years old and it made me think that every single person was talking about me behind my back. Even the Pope! I had a paranoia problem. I made a promise to myself to never smoke pot again.

So you are completely drug-free then?

Well, lately I've been kind of experimenting with X. I kind of found I'm reliving my childhood because I am falling in love with it a little too much.

Besides touching yourself while watching “To Catch a Predator” what is your guiltiest pleasure?

X!! Haha, it's definitely my guiltiest pleasure!!

Just don't snort it right?

It's funny you say that, my girlfriend actually attempted that with me once. I felt like brain was going to drip out of ears!

“Pile driver” is in the running for your favorite sex position of 2010, what did you settle on in 2009?

In 2009 I kicked it old school with “Doggy Style.” It's just one of those great, wonderful, mother of all positions. I see pile driver as a relaxing position for women because it's almost yoga like. And I think woman like that. 

Old school is the new school huh?

Yeah, but I do have a problem with doggy style as of lately and that is, I want girls to pull their own hair so I can enjoy myself. Lately girls are asking for way too much when you're doing it doggy style. Pull my hair and slap my butt…do you want me to vacuum too while I'm at it? This is more chores than I've had since fifteen!

I noticed you have a tattoo on your wrist. What kind of symbol is that?

I'm gonna give you the scoop, it's a penguin. I became fascinated with them after seeing “March of the Penguins.” I kinda see myself as a penguin because they're very loyal and like to have a lot of sex. They're pretty funny and cute and they get away with a lot of stuff because of that. Mitch Fatel is Magical was going to be called Fear the Penguin but then a woman told me sex with me would be magical. I just knew Mitch Fatel is Magical would be the title.

You ask all fans to send naked pictures to you; do guys ever send you the money shot?

No! Thank god they don't! I'd probably be gay if not for that fact that I hate penises. I don't like to see penises and I don't think they're necessarily something I need to get to know better. I do have a gay following and that's really cool. I love that!

Mitch Fatel at the Irvine Improv Thursday 3/25- Sunday 3/28th, 8 p.m. $20.

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