Sex Act in Patrol Car Caught on Camera in Santa Ana

Pixelated like Japanese porn. Gracias, source! 

On the afternoon of April 10, a black-and-white patrol car pulled up along the train tracks by the Allan Company Recycling facility in Santa Ana. According to a source, an officer cleared the area of homeless people around 2 p.m. before parking by a wall. From an elevated vantage point, what happened next  with a person described as a Santa Ana policeman was recorded by cell phone camera.

It’s not a police brutality video, but what is shown happening in the patrol car is no less serious.

In the first brief clip, a man seated on the driver’s side lays his left hand down on his lap. No longer obscured from view, his penis is clearly shown at full erection with a hand stroking it. The sex act captured on camera may appear as masturbation at first, but set those “Sergeant Slappy gets baton happy” jokes aside for the moment.

A closer look arises unsettling questions for whoever sat in the patrol car that day. The stroking hand appears more slender and effeminate than the man’s left hand by the driver’s side door. With a pinkie finger out, the stroking hand doesn’t appear to be bent at an angle expected from the seated man’s right arm; instead, it looks more likely to be outstretched from the passenger’s side, suggesting someone else was in the patrol car.

Warning: while the Weekly pixelated the videos, the content remains sexually graphic in nature.

A second, shorter clip shows the sex act continuing while the witness got a clear view of the aerial roof marking on the patrol car. The man reaches over to the passenger side before the footage stops. Both original raw, unedited videos remain in the Weekly‘s possession.

The circumstances around the videos and a description of what they depict was given to Santa Ana PD on Monday when seeking a statement. “Santa Ana Police Department cannot comment on any personnel investigations,” said Corporal Anthony Bertagna, a spokesman for the department. The Corporal didn’t deny the incident involved Santa Ana PD and also made clear that the department would accept the video footage if provided.

Department policy is clear in forbidding officers from “engaging in on-duty sexual activity including, but not limited to, sexual intercourse, excessive displays of public affection or other sexual contact.”

Now with the video public, what it reveals and what happens next is in Santa Ana PD’s hands–so to speak.

37 Replies to “Sex Act in Patrol Car Caught on Camera in Santa Ana”

  1. After throwing out the Homeless people perhaps one of the women offered services for leniency? Or just money!

    1. Bicycles are valuable to a homeless person so that is like trading a car for a hand job.
      And perhaps it was just not confiscating her bike for a hand job. That would cost him nothing.
      Like “hey I won’t write you a $400 ticket for a hand job or blow job” as has been done before.

    1. In Orange County ,
      You are Looking at the Next Santa Ana Chief of Police then onto
      A Future Orange County Board of Supervisor…

      1. Spitzers replacement?
        At least he knows what sex is, Spitzer is sexless and that makes him crazy as a loon.

  2. I would take the article about a disgusting act by a public official far more seriously if written by an adult. Maybe gabriel san roman will grow up to be a journalist someday.

    1. Jealous much. Does he write better than you. Are you a spiteful ex-lover or something? Nobody cares about your crap opinion.

    2. Those that seek to castrate investigative journalism lead us to anarchy. The crooks that run OC would run the country…

    3. Your right Suzy to call out the reporter for his lack of years waling the planet, It is much more serious offense than any officer of the law engaging in unlawful SEX TRAFFICKING!! You must be a lawyer.

  3. Santa Ana’s citizens tax dollars hard at work or trying to get hard at work……petty and disgusting …what kind of person is he lead by example….. WOW so LUDE

  4. I am content simply by the removal of all the transients in the area. It’s a filth pit. As long as he performs his fiduciary duties in the removal while on duty. Then he can do as he pleases. Our tax dollars at work needs to pay for play as well…

    1. Besides the fact that it’s a cop on the clock, and that’s completely illegal? Typical permissive lib

    2. So when you get pulled over, searched and given a ticket to sign, make sure you tell him it’s OK if his hands are sticky.

  5. This happened back in April and is now just being released? Who’s been holding onto this tape & I wonder if they were looking for the right hands to put it in….pun intended

  6. It’s all fun and games until the woman commits a crime. Now she’s got ammunition and the police will turn a blind eye for fear that she will “out” them. This behavior is nothing new, but we should all recognize the danger this poses to the public.

  7. Really cares don’t we have better things to think about and report about who cares if you was getting off he was on his lunch break who really gives a s***

    1. Because cops shouldn’t be committing sex crimes, especially on the job. How is that so hard to understand?

    2. So when you get pulled over, searched, and given a ticket, you also won’t care whether or not his hands are sticky, right?

  8. It is Santa Ana PD, where they can take drugs on camera, destroy evidence on camera, lie on camera, and absolutely nothing happens. This cop will probably get a promotion.

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