Seven Deadly Sins … and Seven Industries Poised to Make Killings Off Each One in 2012

Beginning with King Solomon's list in the Book of Proverbs, cardinal vices fluctuated in number through AD 590, when Pope Gregory I revealed the Seven Deadly Sins recognized today: greed, gluttony, envy, sloth, wrath, pride and lust.

But more than a fiery fate awaits those who indulge in these human vices. Industries such as those found in a GOP presidential frontrunner's investment portfolio will make big bucks off each sin in 2012.

IBISWorld, a Santa Monica-based research firm for businesses, has matched each cardinal sin with expected industry performance in that category, predicting that higher disposable incomes and new technologies will increase the potential for indulgent behavior this year. And better bottom lines.

The following lists each sin, an industry sector poised to make buttloads off that sin and the rationale for that assessment. Go here to read the full report.
Commercial Banks
2012 Revenue: $613.5 billion
2012 Growth: 1.9%

Rationale: “Through 2012, commercial banks will continue to benefit from the government's Troubled Asset Relief Program.” (Also see IBIS reports on Finance and Insurance sectors.)

Fast Food Restaurants
2012 Revenue: $169.7 billion
2012 Growth: 2.6%

Rationale: “Rebounding employment is restricting consumers' free time, so fast-food providers are fattening bottom lines while lining bottoms with fat.” (Also see previous IBIS reports on Ice Cream Production and Candy Production.)

Jewelry Stores
2012 Revenue: $31.6 billion
2012 Growth: 4.5%

Rationale: “Jewelry sales are forecast to rise as people return to buying the glittering objects of their (social circle's) desire.” (Also see previous IBIS reports on Hair & Nail Salons and Tanning Salons.)
Maids, Nannies and Gardeners
2012 Revenue: $16.0 billion
2012 Growth: 3.4%

Rationale: “[A]s the economy improves, increasing household employment and income levels will boost demand for and employment within the industry.” (Also see previous IBIS report on Landscaping Services.)

Guns and Ammunition Manufacturing
2012 Revenue: $10.7 billion
2012 Growth: 2.3%

Rationale: “[D]omestic manufacturers have not been able to completely satisfy domestic demand. Over the five years to 2011, imports have grown at an annualized rate of 4.5% to $2.4 billion. The United Kingdom and Germany, in particular, have benefited from the decidedly American impulse to shoot first and ask questions later.” (Also see previous IBIS reports on Tank and Armored Vehicle Manufacturing and Explosives Manufacturing.)

Tanning Salons
2012 Revenue: $4.9 billion
2012 Growth: 2.0%

Rationale: “From real housewives in Orange County to guidos and guidettes on the Jersey Shore, Americans love their tans. To soak up even more profit from these dedicated customers, a tanning tax recently went into effect for the use of UV booths, which is expected to boost promotion of sunless tanning booths and airbrushing since they are exempt from the tax.” (Also see previous IBIS report on Hair and Nail Salons in the U.S.)

Online Dating
2012 Revenue: $2.0 billion
2012 Growth: 3.5%

Rationale: “Lured by enhanced revenue, the number of online dating and matchmaking companies is projected to rise at an average annualized rate of 2.0% to 15,455 in the five years to 2016.” (Also see IBIS report on Family Planning & Abortion Clinics.)

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