Serial Killer Sues Two OC Deputies for Spitting Incident

Though he's sitting on death row in California's notorious San Quentin State Prison, serial killer and rapist Rodney James Alcala isn't done complaining about his treatment in Orange County.

This month, Alcala filed his 17th lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court.

His targets this time?

Two Orange County Sheriff's Department deputies–T. White and M. Genovese–whom he claims roughed him up and allowed another inmate to spit on him in February 2010 during his death-penalty trial.

Alcala says he suffered a “welt” on his forehead and wants $250 in damages for the alleged negligence.

to an official report of the jailhouse attack, a 26-year-old fellow
inmate attacked the then-66-year-old Alcala and called him a “punk.”

Though Alcala wanted to press assault charges against Juan Manuel Hernandez, prosecutors refused to file a case.

In 2010, homicide prosecutor Matt Murphy won a serial-killer conviction against Alcala, who represented himself during the trial.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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