Separate-but-Equal Holiday Greetings in Downtown Santa Ana

Downtown Inc.–the non-profit that's trying to make downtown SanTana live up to its ridiculous, self-appointed nickname of Downtown Orange County–has had a rough December. Its valet service for guests has been suspended after getting widely, rightfully ridiculed; artists in the area are in open revolt against the group, composed largely of business and property owners in the area. Why, the group can't even get its holiday greetings right.

In an effort to show people that they're not trying to de-Mexican the downtown of one of America's most-Mexican cities, Downtown Inc. printed the above pamphlets and distributed them around the area's restaurants. It's a directory of businesses–at least those favored by Downtown Inc.'s intended audience. But look at the holiday greeting: in English…well, y'all read English, I'm assuming. But the Spanish translation only mentions Christmas, and not the PC “Happy Holidays.”

Why the separate-but-equal translation? An assumption that Mexis only bother with Christianity? Why not the Christmas greeting in English? And don't Americans usually wish people a “happy” New Year, instead of a “prosperous” one? At least they got the tilde right…

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