Seoulmate Opens in Downtown Fullerton This Week

Seoulmate, Long Beach’s two-year-old Korean-Mexi burrito joint, will hold the grand opening of its long-awaited Downtown Fullerton location tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5. 

Seoulmate Downtown Fullerton will serve the same menu as the Long Beach original, including the “Old Boy” burrito that I dubbed “the first Korean-Mexican burrito in this post-Kogi world that feels unforced.”

“When you eat it,” I wrote in my past review, “you’re not thinking about how there’s kimchi instead of pico de gallo, sesame-oil-scented bulgogi instead of carne asada; you’re thinking about how good a burrito it is, one that has somehow managed to transcend its fusion-y novelty.”

Seoulmate Downtown Fullerton will feature beer and soju. Mr. Kang also told me that there will also be new items such as pork belly sliders and Korean fried chicken

You can find Seoulmate at 144 West Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832.

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