Semen: The Next Superfood?

Drinking semen may be good for your health. No, this is not some disgusting pick-up line, although hey, disgusting dudes of the world, you might want to grab a pen and take some notes.

According to Columbia Health, human male ejaculate contains fructose sugar, water, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), citric acid, enzymes, protein and zinc–stuff you'd find in a nutritional supplement or protein shake. A new study from Monash University has found that certain females in the animal kingdom consume male seed as if it were food, and it may be beneficial for humans to do the same.


It's unclear if the birds and the bees do it, but carrion flies, picture wing flies, along with certain types of leeches and squids are definitely among the species that consume the natural superfood.

The study does not suggest pigging out post-coitus, but if you want to do your own research, there are semen cookbooks out there to help you get started. Just, uh, don't invite us over for dinner that week, mmkay?

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