See You At The Liquid Aloha Fest! It's Quality Over Quantity When Getting Lei'ed For Danny Maika

To celebrate the 14th anniversary of OC Weekly's
annual summer guide, we're co-hosting a party with the Kona Brewing Co.
at The Strand, 500 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach on Saturday,
3 to 8 p.m. It's all ages, and free–so you have no excuse to miss it!
There'll be a Kona Beer Garden, after which Danny Maika plays at a 21+
party at Shorebreak Hotel.

We're also letting you preview most of the artists on the lineup; Danny Maika is third in the Liquid Aloha Fest

Born and bred in Huntington Beach, singer-songwriter Danny Maika, who describes his sound as “a nice cup of coffee on a partly cloudy afternoon,” has been performing since he was a wee lad. The 28-year-old picked up his first guitar in 2001 and became
immediately addicted. After he gained some veritable guitar skills from  veteran blues, rock and
jazz musicians, he mastered the ukulele, harmonica,
looping effects–and every so often, a crowd-pleasing moon walk. Maika was named the Best Male Acoustic Performer in the 2008 Southern
California Live Music Competition; watch out for his originals–and fun covers at his set on Saturday.


OC Weekly (Lilledeshan Bose): When was the last time you got lei'ed? 
Danny Maika: It's not about quantity, it's about quality. 

What song do you have that's a soundtrack to summer?
“Don't worry, be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin 

Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

Which person in your band looks best in a bikini?
Well, I'm a one man band, so I guess I win
by default. 

Who is a better tanning buddy: George Hamilton or David Hasselhoff?

David Hasselholf would probably bring and attract more girls.
So…David Hasselholf. 

How do you  like to cool off?
A/C turned up to 11 and a tall glass of ice H20. 

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