Seated? Dana Rohrabacher Gets One Right!

Okay, sure. Perennially goofy Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher occasionally makes a good point.

This week in Washington, Rohrabacher and other Republican politicians questioned planned U.S. aid to China.
What does the Obama administration want to do with American-taxpayer funds?


Through the U.S. Agency for International Development, Obama wants to give the communists in China $100,000 for eco-friendly motor scooters and $4 million for child health care in that nation–even though one in six American adults can't afford basic health insurance.
“We can't give away money we don't have,” Rohrabacher said in response to the spending, according to an Associated Press report.
And who is funding our debt spending? China, of course. Even more odd is this fact: While U.S. tax money is being funneled to China, China is sending massive, $1 billion-plus in aid to nations it wants to influence.
Leading Democrats in Washington to argue that American subsidies to China are wise because–are you ready for this one?–a terrorist attack on our nation might occur if we don't send the money.
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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