Seasons of Japan in Irvine Not Closing…Yet

A few weeks ago I posted that Seasons of Japan in Irvine, which opened in the summer, looked like it was closing for good. As it turns out, it is not closing…yet…even if it wants to.

Last week, it posted a sign that said:

“Due to our lease agreement, we must remain open for the time being. However, since we do not have any chefs available, we are limited to selling bottled drinks at the moment.”


Then a few days ago, I found that they were indeed still serving food, but barely, with an abbreviated menu of bowls printed on a single sheet of paper. But it was strictly cash only. There were no cash registers or credit card machines or anything that looked like it was powered by electricity.

The owner said he was looking to move to another location and that one of the others owners backed out. They were losing money everyday, he said.

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