Seal Beach Massacre Tied to Grief Over Issues Like Global Warming

A Global Warming is Real contributor has drawn a connection between the grief people feel over environmental issues and the Seal Beach hair salon massacre. Carlyle Carsh puts that head-scratching theory forward in her weekly Musings of a Malcontent column titled “Put Down the Gun and Breathe.”

Here's Coash's reasoning: the recent shootings in Seal Beach, on a San Diego freeway and near San Jose, coupled with a tanking economy and decaying environment, are making people grieve. We begin by ignoring this grief, but sooner or later it's going to be exposed, often in ways that harm the rest of the community.

With this straw dog, the writer then goes on to assume the reader is denying feeling this grief before bringing up as proof a man who was arrested after threatening to jump off a Route 163 overpass in San Diego. Protesting the police response to three medical marijuana collectives the would-be jumper manages, he had sent the media a list of demands before climbing up onto the overpass. Traffic was tied up for hours.

In relating this to what happened in Seal Beach–where I have not heard anything about the suspected gunman having pro-environment or -cannabis leanings–one should remember that had the activist jumped, he likely would not have taken out eight innocent people with him.

In other massacre-related nonsense, a false report of a shooting Friday near the St. Anne's Catholic Church funeral service for victim Lucia Kondas further put Seal Beach on edge. A frantic man knocked on a neighbor's door and said to call 9-1-1 because his mother had been shot, reports Patch. Police arrived to discover the mom was fine. Her son was reportedly arrested and a crossbow was confiscated.

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