Se7enLeaf Finally Tells Us “What’s In The Box”!

In October of this year the city of Costa Mesa issued it’s very first dual license to a company known as Se7enLeaf. The license, which allows for the manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products within California is a landmark win in the fight to bring the legal cannabis industry to our county. It would seem like after nearly two years of endless meetings, planning, and investing that Se7en Leaf would be taking their “victory lap” but the battle is far from over.

With cannabis regulations changing almost daily planning ahead while starting your business is a luxury few people enjoy. Despite support from local government figures and planning committees the road towards legitimacy was littered with unexpected challenges, many delays, and application fees that nearly tripled their early cost predictions. The main reason this seems to be happening all over the golden state is a learning curve that everyone, including our lawmakers are on. Without a previous model to expand on hopeful companies are left at the mercy of each city and it’s local jurisdictions deciding what hurdles must be crossed in order to open their doors to start earning back the millions of dollars it takes to reach that point.

The bloated costs and years spent in limbo while obtaining their Type 6 and 11 licenses have already proven to be well worth the trouble as Se7en Leaf prepares to open their second fully operational volitile facility just steps away from their first in Costa Mesa’s “Green Zone”. The facility houses an impressive number of state of the art machines and equipment that have the ability to process thousands of products each hour, which will then be stored and shipped to local cannabis dispensaries for us to enjoy. For now Se7en Leaf has no plans to distribute any products under their own brand, opting instead to serve as a contract manufacturer to produce vape cartridges, concentrates, topicals, flower products,and tinctures for companies that want high quality, lab tested, and responsibly grown cannabis within our state.

Whether you are for or against the growing and sales of legal cannabis in Orange County the green wave is here and it doesn’t look to be leaving anytime soon. Se7en Leaf could be the company that proves our legitimacy on a federal level and helps to end our nations “reefer madness” once and for all.

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