Screwdriver at Fish Camp, Our Drink of the Week

Did you know that Fish Camp, that excellent fast-casual spin-off of King's Fish House, served breakfast once? It did! We even wrote about it when it started doing it about two years ago.

On offer first thing in the morning were not just the typical breakfast fare of pancakes, bacon and eggs, but actual crab worked into their omelet and bagel with fresh lox. There was even steak-and-eggs for those who'd otherwise scrunch their faces at seafood for breakfast, and also parfaits and oatmeal for those healthy-living types.


If any of this tempts you, you are about a few months too late. They abandoned the idea at the start of the year because, as it turns out, most customers preferred to save their trips to Fish Camp for when they could drink beer, eat fish and chips, slurp on oysters, and peel shrimp–that is to say, lunch and dinner. About the only thing that still remain of the breakfast offerings are the drinks: Bloody Marys, mimosas, and because they have the orange juice and the vodka already, screwdrivers.

I ordered the screwdriver to drink with my usual spread of poke, calamari, and their seasoned peel-and-eat shrimp because, well, ordering a mimosa or a Bloody Mary after the sun goes down seems weirder to me than fish for breakfast.

The screwdriver was, well, just a screwdriver: orange juice and Seagram's vodka. They don't have a bartender making the drink so much as my cashier who reached into a fridge from somewhere behind the counter to take out a plastic gallon jug of off-brand orange juice, pouring it over a high ball glass with some ice, and then topping it off with very generous amount of the spirit. I'd be lying if I said it went well with the food I ate, but I drank it thinking of the once brave breakfast experiment that this very capable restaurant attempted. I can only imagine how much better this screwdriver would taste washing down a crab omelet with a side of bacon.

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