Scott Weaver

If Costa Mesa were a woman, Scott Weaver would marry her. That is, if he ever got tied down. But why would he? He owns his own computer networking company (Schema Networks) and his own home (in Costa Mesa, of course), he DJs at Costa Mesa's Kitsch Bar among other hot spots, spins for the afro-Cuban funk ensemble OO Soul (working alongside guys who blew horns with funk legends like the Godfather of Soul) and is a partner in a new clothing company (Willis Clothing). Scott Weaver is living the OC dream.

Like so many of his neighbors, Weaver geeks out during the day in white collar Irvine rubbing shoulders with Google and Apple execs and then takes time out to soak up the nightlife. His first gig as a DJ was in the Continental, Fullerton's oldest bar, when he was 18. Only problem was the building's owner had no idea he had employees, or customers. The cops busted them. These days he can be found on the legit side of the turntables, spinning anything and everything from his vinyl collection, segueing from William Shatner to Christian Death back to Barry Manilow.

His top 10 favorite things about OC:

Hi-Times Liquor. “The largest selection of wine and spirits on the West Coast. A one-stop shop for all your vices: if they don't sell it, it's illegal.” He swears the only place with a bigger wine selection might be France. 250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, (949) 650-8463.

The Helm. Costa Mesa's oldest drinking establishment. “A place where you can be a lover and a fighter, often in the same night.” 1824 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, (949) 646-1428.

John Wayne Airport. Weaver calls it “the little LAX.” He praises its hassle-free nature with no remorse for the havoc it causes Newport Beach residents. 19051 Airport Way, Newport Beach, (949) 756-8161.

Onotria.Scott's one of those ask-the-genie-for-100-wishes-with-his-one-wish kind of guys, and he insisted on giving us a bunch of restaurants, but we, in turn, insisted on closing our eyes and picking one from the list. 2831 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, (714) 641-5952.

Santa Ana River Trail. Again with the multiplicity. “OC's mountain-to-ocean bike path network is massive. This is one of the hidden gems of OC but there's plenty to go around.”

Costa Mesa. Given the city's central location in Southern California, Scott can rattle off the drive time to all his favorite non-OC places. LA (45 minutes), San Diego (90), Big Bear (120), Palm Springs (120).

The O.C.“Don't get me wrong. The show blows harder than Jenna Jameson, but you don't see them making a show called The Inland Empire.”

In-N-Out Burger. “From being the best burger joint in the known universe to the creepy Jesus Bible quotes on the bottoms of their paper cups, the OC is a better place for this establishment. Completely unchanged since its inception in 1948—I wouldn't change a thing about it.”

The cash flow. “The job market is about as hot as it gets here. My buddy Chris Hall started a new hair salon with pocket change cashed in at a Coinstar. “

Friends.“Most people living in OC are transplants from other regions so you get to meet a lot of different kinds of people. My circle of friends is the most important item on this list. Besides, you don't want to go to The Helm alone.”

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