Scott Walker to Visit Scott Baugh, Occupy to Attend

UPDATE DEC. 29, 7:30 P.M.: For those of you hoping Occupy activists at tonight's protest would have stormed the glass-encased offices of  Scott Baugh, kicked in the doors and found Wisconsin governor Scott Walker on his knees fellating the Orange County GOP Chairman while dollar bills rained from above, keep dreaming. 

What you would have seen at the intersection of  Macarthur Boulevard and Von Karman was 50 plus activists gathered on the sidewalks carrying signs decrying the Wisconsin republican known for his views opposing gay rights and collective bargaining for unions. 


​It's been said Walker, who is visiting California for the Rose Bowl, was on hand to visit Baugh to raise money while folks back home attempt to have him recalled.
 Members of were on hand as were Occupiers from Irvine, Santa Ana and one gentleman from Occupy Wisconsin. 
When asked how things were going for occupiers in the land of cheese, William Gruber said “We get along very well with our wonderful police and firefighters. They're getting jammed too.” Gruber then described Walker as a no good swine trying to jack money off west coast “Richie Riches.” 

Nicholas Dorsey of Occupy Santa Ana echoed a similar sentiment. “I think Scott Walker is a jerk and needs to pay for what he's done to the unions in Wisconsin, what he's done to the middle class and what he's done to the 99 percent.”

ORIGINAL POST DEC. 29, 5:00 P.M.: Dim-lidded Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker approaches the land of citrus…And members of Occupy intend to roll out the welcome mat. Walker, a Republican, is known for his aversion to gay rights, and collective bargaining for unions as well as low approval ratings. 

He'll be visiting the Newport Beach offices of Orange County GOP Chairman Scott Baugh today–possibly to raise money as cheese heads attempt to recall him.

Costa Mesa mayor pro tem Jim Righeimer, who has fought to outsource his own city's labor force to private companies, apparently won't be on hand for the visit, though he had a few encouraging things to say to the Daily Pilot about Walker and the Wisconsin unions. “Wisconsin wasn't a controversy; Wisconsin was an awakening,” Righeimer told the Pilot. “I feel bad I'm not going to be in town to see him.”
Occupiers will be at the offices of Scott Baugh at 4:30 p.m. to let the politician know how much they “appreciate what he and his fellow crop of GOP governors have been doing to the lower 99%  percent of us in this country,” according to the Orange Juice blog. Stay tuned, and see you there!

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