Scott Steiner, OC Judge Censured for Courtroom Sex, Already Fundraising for 2016 Reelection

Last time we heard about OC Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner, the California Commission on Judicial Performance censured him for banging ex-students of his inside the courtroom (a story our own Moxley broke in 2013). It was an embarrassing moment for the former prosecutor and son of former OC Supervisor Bill Steiner, especially given Scott has a wife, a kid, and always tried to portray himself as a conservative type of guy.

But Hizzoner must be scared of not winning his reelection campaign, which ain't happening until the fall 2016 elections. Because Steiner and his favorite defense attorneys are already organizing a fundraiser for him next week.


Sitting judges are notoriously hard to defeat in an election–OC, after all, reelected Derek Johnson, a guy who said some nasty things about rape victims–so Steiner must really feel vulnerable for next year. Then again, his campaign committee must not really care–who designed the above flyer? Looks like Microsoft Paint circa 1995.

Anyhoo, if anyone wants to buy Steiner and his cronies a beer at Heroes, you know where to go. But let's just say young Asian women should stay far away…HA!

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